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Marketing-Driven Mobile Strategy

Feb 25, 2014 12:55 PM EST


Marketing-Driven Mobile Strategy in the enterprise is important towards mobile development. Inviting the consumer to the Android OS platform can still pose challenges. Questions such as if the CIO or the CMO is to own the mobile app strategy in the 21st century are priorities. There is a current shift in the enterprise mobile app strategy. Co-creating experience with consumers and having an understanding of their needs is important.

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Adopting HTML5 and areas such as agile development can cut timeframes and planning. Approaching mobile strategies should be conducted carefully. The right campaign should be approached one at a time, not all at once. Executives in IT are also taking in consideration metrics within the organization towards security in mobile strategy.

Mobility is also now part of the CIO’s role in the future. Building platforms in the enterprise is crucial to come across the entire organization.  Mobile is also changing the way that CIOs think of their roles. The role is both influenced heavily on digital and information. Today, the CIOs role require more thinking about digital integration.

The CMO and CIO in mobile app strategy both require specific skills sets for the future. The right skills require focus  end-to-end customer experience for both roles. It can also be divided between the two roles, having a business perspective and product perspective.

With the strategy, and mobile approach through digital the key should be to make it an offer the consumer truly wants. How to best make the mobile offer "promising" to the consumer should be in this type of approach. Today they have to be able to own the customer experience as the ROI.

IT challenges for will also be under pressure. Companies will have to innovate new ideas, expand areas in customer research such as social network sentiment analysis, globalizing applications, management, and global collaboration. Should innovation be a necessary skill for managers to execute? Should Innovation scale? Yes, they definitely should. It is great to see now changes in innovation for the blind. These changes should further be embraced in the 21st century. Showing that there is adaptation is positive sign for future. 

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