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Google Chrome Apps for Android

Feb 24, 2014 11:29 AM EST


Google Chrome Apps for Android are available for download at Google Play. The app for Chrome Browser is available for Android users 4.0 versions and higher. Users can browse quickly using Chrome web browser on the Android phone and tablet. The user also can sign in to sync the Chrome browser experience from their computer to bring it anywhere. For developers, Chrome for Android brings state-of-the art HTML5 support to mobile. With Chrome Developer Tools a connected device can debug the web page as it is running on the mobile device.

The number one browser in the world is Google Chrome. The company first released its version in 2008. Since then, According to StatCounter, Chrome’s global market share in June 2013 was 43 percent, up from just 33 percent a year ago. At 25 percent market share, Internet Explorer remains the second most popular browser in the world. Microsoft’s (MSFT) browser retains a particularly strong position in North America, where it is almost head to head with Chrome.

Users can use the Android app with features such as Search fast,  Search and navigate fast, directly from the same box. They can also choose from results that appear as they type. Other features include: Browse faster with accelerated page loading, scrolling and zooming, simple, intuitive experience, open and quickly switch between an unlimited number of browser tabs, sign in to the Chrome web browser to sync and more.

Chrome for Android is available on Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, or later. The Mobile app is also aimed to save more with security. In the U.S. alone, more than a fifth of adult smartphone users now do most of their online browsing on their mobile device states Google. There is a current trend towards more mobile browsing. Chrome’s data compression and bandwidth management can reduce data usage by up to 50% while browsing the web on Chrome for Android.

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