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China Mobile Games Growth

Feb 24, 2014 11:29 AM EST

China Mobile Games Growth looks promising for this year. CIOs and IT are in demand in China. It is predicted that 2014 will be the year of productivity growth and disruption in technology. The rise of labor costs are pressuring the country to compete and improve its productivity levels. Mobile games are being consumed in its e-commerce market.

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Chinese consumers are clearly mobile and online. Consumer electronic services are very widespread and China is significant in its e-commerce and social media. Consumers are very willing to shop online. Challenges still arise in China in its talent shortage of technology workers. The demand is clearly there for China requiring more jobs. Millions of jobs and online areas are lagging. Government faces pressures to improve performance and efficiency.

Chinese e-commerce leader Alibaba is also expanding into mobile games. The company recently launched its newest games called the Taobao Mobile marketplace app. A new messaging service Laiwang was also released. Android users can access the Game Center on Taobao’s Mobile app. Gaming is still emerging. Mobile and game development is sophisticated to develop. The process is long and complex. The gaming community exists for not only teenagers but for all ages. In Japan, the average age for gamers is age 30. The digital cultural world allows users to express themselves in a different medium than others.

Game consoles were banned in 2000 to protect youths from a perceived corrupting influence, a move that was temporarily lifted this month. According to Bloomberg, China’s Ministry of Culture, one of the government bodies that monitors media content, will be responsible for drafting new rules on video-game consoles after a 14-year-old ban was lifted. The rules will be written as soon as possible, Cai Wu, the head of the ministry, stated.

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