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Pebble Android Apps

Feb 20, 2014 12:23 PM EST

The modern Pebble Smartwatch was designed to be an easy to use device. The smartwatch acts as an alternate screen for the Android smartphone. Pebble Smartwatch is priced at $150. Users have option to display messages, notification and control their own music. The smartwatch market is poised to go mainstream. The global watch industry estimates to be valued at $60 billion in sales in 2013.  Pebble has remained innovative within the sector.

Pebble has numerous Android Apps available at Google Play:

Pebble Bike for Android

Pebble Bike Android App is a GPS cycle computer for the users Pebble smartwatch. It uses the phone's GPS to send speed, distance and altitude data to Pebble. Android users can also see your track directly on Pebble. Pebble Bike also has an innovative auto start feature which will auto start the bike computer on your watch when it detects users are riding a bike, using low battery technology pebble bike checks activity every 30 seconds. Pebble Bike has a Live Tracking function that sends users a position every 30 seconds to the internet. If you're using it with friends, it can receive theirs positions and display them with the users own track, directly on Pebble.

Glance For Pebble

The Glance For Pebble App For Android is one of the top apps for the Pebble watch on Android with over 50,000 daily users. The Glance For Pebble is a Companion Pebble watchapp for Android. The app shows Current Time, Date and Weather. It also allows the sending of pre configured SMS messages, Tasker integration, Calendar entries, Unread SMS, Gmail, Missed Calls, Reading of recent SMS and Simple Stocks.

Pebble e-Paper Watch App

Pebble e-Paper Watch is a customizable, useful internet-connected app. Pebble connects to the users Android device using Bluetooth, alerting them with a silent vibration to incoming calls, emails and messages. While designing Pebble, the company made sure to create a minimalist yet fashionable product that seamlessly blends into everyday life. There is a notification of the app that some Samsung devices may have Talkback issues on Android 4.0+ .

Pebble Calendar

Pebble Calendar for Android features an interactive month view calendar for the Pebble Watch that checks the calendars on users Android device and displays days which have an event in bold. Both watchface and app versions can be installed simultaneously and each have their own settings for which calendars and events are shown. Pebble Firmware 1.x is Stable because the Pebble watch has no persistent memory if the watch is not currently connected to your Android device it will not show any days as having events. When the app loads and when the month is changed, it takes a few seconds for Android to respond with which days have events. Pebble Firmware 2.0 (Currently Beta 4) + Event data is cached in the watch's persistent memory.

Pebble Dialer Android App

Pebble Dialer app for Android for Android users 2.3 and higher completely revamps calling controls. It allows Android users to answer calls, decline calls, toggle speakerphone, toggle mic mute right from their pebble. Users can also place calls right from pebble without even touching the phone, by browsing call history or filtering through contacts and groups.

Users can visit the store for the complete list of all Android Pebble Apps available at Google Play.

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