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Top Android Apps This Week

Feb 20, 2014 12:19 PM EST


Google Apps came out a leader versus Android last year. Android by reputation is known for being an ideal platform. Its platforms are in Java and Android SDK is open-source. The flexibility of Android application distribution is a huge benefit to any of its users. For developers, the marketplace to create new business applications, stores and distribution channel opportunities are there. Android’s application platform for mobile inter-application is fantastic.

Below Is A List Of Top Android Apps This Week:


This task armed app for Android enables everything information from To-Do lists to daily reminders. Evernote Android App is simple for users. Uploads for Android should not exceed more than 60MB a month. AK Note for Android enables instant sharable note creation for smartphone devices.

Google Places

Google Places is ideal for any Android business traveler. A new Google Places app was just released this month on Google Play. Users can save even more time by updating their Google Places Listings on Android devices.


OpenTable offers free reservations via the Google Play store. There are over 20,000 restaurants that are available for reservation at OpenTable within the U.S, Mexico and Canada. Users can use the app with Android. The user friendly app shares open reviews of restaurants and can be used instantly in real time to locate favorite places.

XTML Junkies / Google

Facebook for Android

Facebook is the popular social network where Android users can share the app, scroll through using side-scrolling previews and share photos via a dashboard. The newest version of the app is faster to keep up with connections, friends and offers easy to use messaging. Be sure to grab your Facebook app in the Android market!


StumbleUpon feeds make it easy for Android users to view new Web content. Users can just single tap, follow other people and company brands. Android users can select from over hundreds of interests. StumbleUpon can also be used by swiping the Android device screen. Enjoy looking through personalized new photos, videos, and sites.


The online corkboard version site of Pinterest for Android app users is a popular way to collect and share information. Used it to collect items that people love, app users can organize and plan for projects, and more.  

We will be updating this list on a frequent basis. Look for new apps and reviews for the Google Play store at Droid Report. Google Play has a plethora of apps, games and more. These apps are always available for Android users with no syncing required.  Be sure to check out the latest top new Android apps found at Google Play.

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