Oct 31, 2020 | Updated: 09:48 PM EDT

Keeping Apps Up To Date

Feb 14, 2014 10:33 AM EST


Mobile apps in business are complex for the organization in which they involve multiple applications at the same time. For the enterprise, making sure the Android app is up to date and well designed can save time for the company. Features should be able to perform relatively well and be able to translate to multiple applications.

An Android developer should be able to design the mobile platform and application to fit its unique requirements. These requirements may include battery longevity, processing power, NFC, sensors and more. Consumers today expect a lot for enterprise mobile app usability. Making sure the user experience is executing properly is key.

AirWatch enables organizations to manage applications throughout the entire app lifecycle from purchasing and developing to securing, distributing and tracking installation. Administrators are able to view available and installed public and internal applications, versions and more from the central admin console. Purchase and Develop Applications AirWatch integrates with public app stores such as the Apple App Store, Microsoft Store and Google Play store to allow access to public apps in the AirWatch App Catalog. Control app costs by setting cost control policies and designating apps as reimbursable or non-reimbursable in the App Catalog.

Security of mobile application data for the enterprise continue to be a concern. Concern and trust within national security has had dramatic effects. The management in our industry and required increased security for operations, as well personal effects. A lot of the changes also result due to our economic recovery, corporate governance and regulations. It's critical that organizations still must continue and learn to adapt, thrive and grow in these circumstances. Technology's role is critical to enable such strategies.

Integrating the right applications to ensure efficiency is also important to enterprise apps. User apps should always be kept up to date all year round. According to AirWatch, mobile applications are changing the way your employees work. Today’s mobile users demand mobile applications that connect them to enterprise resources, increase their productivity and promote collaboration with colleagues. The company believes smart enterprises empower their employees with company-approved public and custom-built internal applications. Updating enterprise apps is crucial.

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