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Android Health-Monitoring Wearables

Feb 13, 2014 10:11 AM EST


Wearables for Android are benefiting health monitoring systems. Epson America recently announced its new wearable,  Pulsense™ line of watches and wristbands for fitness, health and wellness monitoring.  Pulsense is an innovative bio sensing wrist wearable device that can monitor and store the users heart rate, activity level, calorie burn and sleep patterns. Pulsense is an ideal daily wear activity and heart health tracking device for consumers with a wide range of activity goals from trying to stay fit to losing weight to training for a marathon.

“The Pulsense product line will be Epson’s first smart wrist wearable devices to leverage the company’s patented Bio sensing technology,” says Anna Jen, director, New Ventures/New Products for Epson America. “These products showcase Seiko Epson’s heritage in wrist watch technology and consumer electronics manufacturing. Pulsense has set the performance and features benchmark for the next generation of activity monitors. With additional core technologies in Swing and Location sensing, consumers can expect to see more smart products coming from Epson addressing the needs of the health, fitness and sports segments of the wearables market.”

Pulsense detects continuous heart rate directly from the wrist (without a chest strap) and features a breakthrough The new device integrates a sensor which measures the amount of light reflected from red blood cells and records a single heartbeat when the amount of light reflected changes due to a drop in red blood cell count as the blood vessel contracts. Pulsense has built in memory and can store up to 480 hours of heart-rate data.

The wearable data then can transfer to its Android application. There is a  3-in-1 proprietary chip offers fast data processing, space-saving footprint, and efficient power usage for improved battery life performance. “It’s an amazing amount of technology packed in one compact wrist wearable device,” Jen stated. “And to track progress over time, the data you capture and store using Pulsense can be transferred to an online health and/or fitness service using an iOS® or Android™ mobile app or data uploader software on your computer.”

Wearable nanotechnology can monitor an individual’s health. With wearable nanotechnologies, the health care professionals can monitor environmental exposures. Patients, doctors and other professionals can make sense between these exposures which correlate to chronic disease predictions, treatment and management of disease.

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