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Budget Smartphones In Asia

Feb 13, 2014 10:11 AM EST

Samsung is leading in low budget devices boosting China’s edge in the worldwide smartphone market. China today has a cheap stock market, vibrant economy, a broadening industrial base and consistent political background. Canalys forecasts that 240 million smartphones will be sold in China in 2014.

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Budget smartphones are growing in India, China and throughout Southeast Asia. A typical price range for these devices average $50 per handset. Android 2.1 is the operating system present within these countries. The demand for hyperscale data centres is also expanding. Mobile data traffic in Thailand has grown by 30% annually. Smartphones in emerging markets have the specific functionalities that work well for its consumer base.

3G Smartphones are the lowest cost devices in China. Qualcomm is poised to benefit from overall growth in the mobile devices markets. Growth in LTE will also be a strong performance driver. Look for developments with China Mobile, the world's largest carrier with 670M subscribers but less than 20% 3G penetration. Qualcomm has also developed a chip that is compatible with China Mobile's proprietary TD-SCDMA technology to contribute to its growth and demand in the 3G market. Market growth factors will become even more competitive and the industry to drive valuation changes in both wireless carrier and wireless device stocks.

Emerging market Android users with Mozilla offers a cost-effective and convenient solution. This is where users do not have to worry of installation on commonly used software such as the Mozilla Firefox browser. In this case Mozilla is not in a category of unwanted software. Mozilla’s Firefox for Android will deliver a great web experience for users.

According to IDC, the worldwide mobile phone market, vendors shipped 1,821.8 million units, up 4.8% from the 1,738.1 million units shipped 2012. In 4Q13 alone, vendors shipped a total of 488.4 million units worldwide, up 0.9% from the 484.0 million units shipped in 4Q12. This is 2.8% lower than the 502.4 million units that had recently forecast.

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