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Popularity Of Android Benefits MCUs

Feb 12, 2014 12:58 PM EST


DigiKey recently published an article about the growing popularity of Android. The Android OS growth has become a benefit to engineer designers of MCUs. Google’s Android operating system offers the marketplace innovative outlets for engineering and design teams for Android. MCUs or microcontrollers are lower cost functionalities. Designers for Android can adopt the platform for Google as foundation for their system designs. Smartphones today have developed further expectations for user interfaces in embedded systems.

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Amtel is among the recommended company’s for MCUs. Atmel offers select MCUs with ready-to-deploy Android port. The AT91SAM9G45, AT91SAM9M10 MCUs, 400-MHz AT91SAM9G45, AT91SAM9M10 are mentioned and 400-MHz AT91SAM9G45, AT91SAM9M10 MCUs integrate robust peripheral sets. DigiKey describes the ICs to include other typical MCU peripherals, 10-bit A/D converter, four 16-bit PWM controllers, six 32-bit timers and general-purpose I/O. The memory features integrated boot ROM and a small on-chip SRAM array.

The MCUs also include some features that will come in handy in a touch-based system stated DigiKey. An integrated LCD controller supports screens with resolutions to 1280 x 860 pixels with 2D graphics acceleration. The MCUs also include an interface to resistive touch screens. The AT91SAM9M10 adds camera and audio interfaces, and a video decoder that can handle D1 720 x 576- or WVGA 800 x 480-pixel streams at 30 frames per second. For design teams who want to jump-start an Android project, Atmel also offers the AT91SAM9M10-G45-EK Evaluation Kit. The kit includes an AT91SAM9M10 processor, a 480x272-pixel LCD with a resistive touch panel, and easy interface to all on-chip peripherals. The kit and the MCUs come with support for Android 2.1.

The company shared insight on taking a look into these Android opportunities:

Consider choosing Android as the operating system for an embedded system design.

Portable data-acquisition system or an industrial controller – needs sophistication of the Android interface

Users are accustomed to these systems may prefer Android.

Design teams can quickly develop an intuitive interface for custom applications.

Android comes with features such as an intuitive GPS application that could come in handy in an embedded system.

Android may reduce development time and deliver a more compelling end product.

A design team could port Android to any number of high-end MCUs


For more perspective on using Android, see “Why Android deserves a look in embedded wireless systems.”

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