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Amazon Android Internet TV In 2014

Feb 11, 2014 11:44 AM EST


Amazon is rumored to launch a new Android Internet TV this year for under $300. According to a recent VG247 report, Amazon’s new Android Internet TV console is set up to compete with Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. Amazon’s large user base is one of the key competitive advantages for the organization. Consumers will be able to download music, movies, TV shows, games and stream. Amazon is said to demo Android games to publishers.

Many great benefits for organizations to save money and build a competitive advantage due to video as being affordable is available today. Video for users can provide further cost savings can benefit organizations such as Amazon now with larger competitors. These competitors who have had economic advantages in the past can be scaled down with those affordable costs available to users and businesses today.

According to IDC,"We also expect growth over the next several years to be bolstered by the impact of video integrated with vendors' unified communications and collaboration portfolios, and increasing video usage among workgroups, mobile device users.” Enterprises are seeing the two as a valuable option. With IT departments having to reduce operating expenses there are many offerings solution providers have on market for cost budgeting. With an adaptive marketplace that is in constant growth as well change, delegating to vendors may be valuable. Video conferencing and Cloud Storage introduces new technologies that indeed lead us to Greater Efficiencies.

Social features such as Video Chat does bring a new level, entire experience to social networking for smartphones and Internet TV. Those loyal to the Android OS would find video chat long awaited. From a competitive aspect, Android and other enterprise makers such as RIM and Microsoft are the only makers selling to the business market. There are also challenges having an already large customer base with deployment as well possible malware attacks.

Many factors, fully integrated video features for real-time collaboration and virtual relationship building are crucial. Streaming Video Internet TV will affect the users speed in working with such technologies. We should expect to see the Millennials bring innovation towards video usage and social media through their desire to make a difference.

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