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True Value App for Android

Feb 06, 2014 06:35 PM EST


TrueValue’s Special Offer Android App is available at Google Play. True Value’s objective over the next three years is to add more than 1.5 million square feet of retail space and $225 million in retail sales—a 154 percent increase over the past three years—and to incorporate various elements of Destination True Value into more than 1,000 retail locations across the country.

True Value Company’s recent organizational changes were in place for its existing retailers to increase profitability while at the same time attract new entrepreneurs to invest in new stores with the co-op's Destination True Value (DTV).  The DTV co-op is committed to helping its retailers attract and maintain new customers and increase sales.

Destination True Value incorporates best practices in retail, merchandising and store décor, resulting in a competitive design that uniquely meets the needs and demands of today’s DIY enthusiasts. The co-op intends to continue the expansion of DTV across the country by ensuring financial support will continue. The DTV store format will focus on creating new opportunities. True Value has supplied $25.5 million in loans for new stores and another $38.5 million in loans to refresh current stores. The retailer currently has over 60,000 products and 12 distribution centers.

The retailer aims to offer a consistent and compelling retail experience. Through DTV, stores will be able to offer customers a broader product selection in core hardware categories and inspire future projects. “Destination True Value was designed by retailers, for retailers, with the customer in mind. Our intention is to help sustain and grow our retailers’ sales now and into the future,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Lyle Heidemann. Approximately 50 percent of True Value customers are women. Destination True Value was also created so it could feel like a traditional hardware store to the male shopper. Incorporating consumer insights and current successful retail strategies, Destination True Value strives to deliver a more compelling, less intimidating shopping experience.

True Value Company, headquartered in Chicago, is one of the world's largest retailer-owned hardware cooperatives. The True Value cooperative represents independent retailer locations worldwide with retail sales in their communities totaling approximately $5.5 billion. Store identities include True Value, Grand Rental Station, Taylor Rental, Party Central, Home & Garden Showplace and Induserve Supply.

Users can download the True Value App for Android at Google Play

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