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Google Apps Marketplace

Feb 06, 2014 12:16 PM EST


Competition in Google’s Apps Marketplace is heating up these days. With Microsoft, Apple and Google all competing for strategic relationships and delivering the best in business for users. Google’s Apps Marketplace has been active in its enterprise app partners, government activities,  participating in industry sectors where Google Apps is present and more. Google most recent app marketplace activities include education adoption of Google Apps and Chromebooks in Classrooms, CIO government involvement in states such as Maryland, Growth of enterprises and startups which are currently thriving in Google’s Apps Marketplace and more.

Google has been participating at BETT for the last four years and we are back again, representing the growing and healthy adoption of Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks in classrooms all over the world. More than 30 million students, teachers and staff use Google Apps for Education and 5,000 schools use Chromebooks globally. Google recently deployed 810 Chromebooks in the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy (IPACA), a non-selective, co-educational state school for students aged 3-16, located across four campuses in Dorset.

“By using Chromebooks and Google Apps, we’ve been able to transform the learning experience for all of our students,” says Alison Appleyard, the school’s Principal. “This open access to online resources is key to students becoming successful independent learners, empowering them to use resources as they see best and giving them the skills they’ll need to be successful in the future.”

According to the State New Economy Index, the State of Maryland ranks third out of the top five states that are at the forefront of the nation's movement toward a global, innovation-based new economy. There are currently 54,000 state employees scattered across 60 independent agencies, most with their own IT department. The state is faced with challenges in IT infrastructure. The Department of Information Technology announced its leveraging of Google Apps for Government for all 54,000 employees.  Google Apps for Government, will leave all state government data and emails remaining in a secure cloud that is compliant with FISMA standards.

With over 50 different CIOs working in different agencies, Google Apps allows Maryland to manage security from one central point states Google. According to Google, Google Apps lets the company execute mobile device management and data leak prevention across all agencies, as well as track every email and document. Google also states that Google Apps has helped agencies improve productivity and collaboration. The State Police quickly adopted Gmail for all 2,000 employees, 1,400 of which are sworn officers.

SnapDeal.com recently integrated Google Apps for the enterprise. The benefits improved the company’s security and efficiency of the IT infrastructure. According to Google, SnapDeal’s email system performance can now be easily monitored through the analytics features in Google Apps. As a result, the company experiences greater flexibility and control to monitor all the accounts.

Google also announced last week its Targeted Vaults. Google Apps Vault helps thousands of businesses, schools, and governments archive, retain, and manage business-critical information states Google. Vault is added by the user to an existing Apps account, or purchase it in conjunction with Apps, for $5 per user per month. Users who have purchased Google Apps online directly from Google, can purchase Vault from their Apps Admin Console.

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