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Cloud App Monitoring for Android

Feb 03, 2014 06:19 PM EST

Cloud App Monitoring is making great software advantages such as benefiting operations, reducing IT costs and competitive leverage. Cloud app monitoring must be properly implemented to ensure its performance is upheld. The solution providers in this industry must address compliance, security, migration, ease of use.

Below is a list of recommended cloud app monitoring solutions for Android:

Monitis Mobile

Monitis Mobile is the app for the leading web and cloud monitoring solutions that include website monitoring, cloud monitoring, real end-user monitoring, web page monitoring, internal server and network monitoring. All monitors can check the status of the users website and web systems from multiple locations around the world. What makes Monitis solutions different is that they are fast to deploy, feature-rich in technology and provide a comprehensive single-pane view of on-premise and off-premise infrastructure and applications. Monitis helps over 100,000 web pros worldwide to increase the uptime, availability and user experience of their systems.


Copper Egg

The Copper Egg Android App lets users monitor servers and websites in real-time while they are on the go. Display critical health and performance information about servers and websites, updating every few seconds. Receive push alert notifications for server and website issues. This app is a companion to the CopperEgg monitoring service that provides simple, smart, and fast insight into cloud servers, systems, instances, websites, web applications, and web.


GetApp by New Relic is the all-in-one web and mobile application performance management provider for the cloud and the datacenter. More than 70,000 organizations use them to optimize over 100 billion metrics in production daily.


CloudTrax is available at Google Play for Android. It is a network monitoring app for networks managed on www.cloudtrax.com. Displays access point status, users/usage, map and network diagram. Supports phones and tablets. Cloudtrax is a cloud-based network controller for Open Mesh networks that provides: Centralized, browser-based management for your wireless networks. 24x7 monitoring and alerting. User access control and charting. Open-Mesh creates ultra low-cost self-configuring and self-healing wireless mesh network solutions that spread an Internet connection throughout a hotel, apartment, office, neighborhood, villages and more.

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