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Protecting Android In 2014

Feb 03, 2014 06:18 PM EST

ITRC cites that 37 percent of public breach notifications detailed what happened or who was responsible. In other words, most businesses simply decline to provide customers with breach details, leaving them to guess how -- or even if -- they might be at risk. The large number of data breaches still exists, with little public knowledge.  They also may not know how serious these incident related data breaches are.

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There are simple techniques that any Android user or organization can immediately apply to protection of their mobile devices. Knowing what data breaches or current malware that is out there is a great first step. Using a strong password which is not basic, rather a combination of words, symbols and numbers will also help with security.

When in crisis management situations, take for example the banking industry there comes that time when failure to ask the right questions before a crisis and then failure to act aggressive, quick and intuitive is critical to making the right decision. Models and forecasts influence society's behavior and when they are wrong vs. right it only worsens when management cannot acknowledge mistakes.

Keeping the Android mobile device secure is a crucial element for today. Malware is obvious now. Companies should strongly adopt the new practices. American Consumers value Technology, Innovation and most importantly their Privacy. Learning from organisations that have violated such privacy laws would be an important lesson ahead.

It may cost an organization millions to protect all their data. A practical way to look at the situation is to focus on protecting the most critical data first. Management should be educated and know where the most critical data is as well be able to maneuver the right security measures that are to be implemented, testing systems.

Privacy and security continues to be a topic of concern amongst the Android community. Making sure devices are safe using the right solutions and tools is crucial. Keeping educated on how to best protect the devices will help consumers and users better manage their privacy and security. MDM is also a secure option to install for Android.

2014 is potent and will continue to involve investment for such Mobile BI solutions. Organisations gain from mobile BI in-the-moment transformation of their business processes as well as faster and higher quality customer service. Learning how to protect the organization or the Android mobile device user will save costs and important data.

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