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Dash, A New York Mobile Startup

Jan 30, 2014 11:45 AM EST


Dash connects a user’s smartphone to their car. The social sharing features let users share their driving experiences with other. The low-cost device can be self installed with convenience. The company also enabled saving features such as real time feedback, so users can improve their driving and maximize fuel efficiency. Dash also connects users with great deals, saving hundreds of dollars per year on gas, repairs and maintenance. Navigation and information of where to find the cheapest gas nearby and accurate estimates are also provided to users for the most common repairs, so they get the fairest price from your mechanic. Connect pairing via Bluetooth. Ready, Set, Dash!

Android-based car systems has been a driving trend for this year. Companies today are even more selective of the choices for OS. Manufacturers and consumer demand have grown to be highly competitive. It is important for car manufacturers to be selective of the type of Android ecosystem to be based on consumer influence.

Innovation is crucial to connected cars. Vehicles have the ability to receive and transmit data from the cloud, enable  sensors and cameras around the vehicle, leverage parking advances to 3D display and sound. There is a transition to a Platform-Rich Computing System where there are traditional software and hardware architecture being merged to the connected in-vehicle experience.


Driver score and insights, to help improve your performance

Save money with nearby gas price comparison

Check Engine Light notifications and explanation

Find where you parked, with the car locator

Leaderboard to compare the best drivers

Multi-vehicle support, with automatic VIN de-coding

Driving Mode - real time data on MPG, as well as audio alerts

Works on all car models since 1996

There is record number demand of the vehicles in the U.S that have consumers embracing mobile. Drivers today are demanding to be connected with communication to the outside world. Safety remains a priority with auto companies. Smartphone apps will also be a driving trend. Drivers can also expect Bluetooth, capacitive-touch controls and more.

Android offers a lot of flexibility for the automotive industry. Companies are turning to Android OS for its reliability, innovation and security. Today’s cars can have a dashboard which includes a real-time map of traffic and open parking spots. Intel has been currently working on these type of connected cars that will revolutionize driving convenience. More opportunities are expected to evolve in areas like security, safety and user interfaces.

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