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Mobile Technologies In 2014

Jan 29, 2014 11:33 AM EST


Mobile technologies are favored in 2014 as being among the most exciting and useful technologies for this year.  2014 will be the year that our mobile devices will finally start to become the multi-purpose, life-enhancing tools we have wanted them to be for years, said technology expert Jason Hope. The largest enterprise smartphone companies such as Android device maker Samsung have released slews of new devices to the market during the past few years.

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According to Forrester Research, 2014 expects new mobile-centric ad formats to emerge, more effective mobile video inventory to grow, and more mobile ad network inventory to shift to exchanges. Improvements in user identification will be a primary driver for the changes. Forrester Research also predicts that mobile will be a key driver of 'big data.'

Crowd-funding, the connected home, wearable technology, big data, mobile advertising,  customer experiences and more. Big Data will result in a tremendous shift due to competitive advantage pressures in mobile. User experience design will spur new 'big data solutions and analytics. Engagement through leveraging big data is also predicted.

Mobile Advertising was impacted by Facebook and Google in 2013. If the mobile advertising industry begins maturing, 2014 will be the year where mobile-centricity develops further. There will be mobile ad formats and mobile video inventory growth. The challenges will arise in seeking out the right solutions providers to accomadate.

Connected home technology is poised for significant growth opportunity within the sector of IoT (Internet of Things). The Internet of Things could mature into a $19 trillion market, as 50 billion objects connect by 2020 according to Cisco CEO John Chambers.

Wearable technology sparked a lot of talks last year with the arrivals and launches from Pebble smartwatches and Samsung Galaxy Gear. The world has seen wearable technologies embraced significantly from industries such as healthcare, fitness, consumer lifestyle and more. 2014 predicts even more innovative wearable devices to develop.

With the expected launch of Google Glass this year, smartwatches and mobile devices may be surpassed by the innovative demands from consumers. 2014 also sees changes shifting in health care from health monitoring to augmented data information. Pharma and disease related areas will also be integrated through wearables.

Crowd-funding is also expected to come of age later this year in 2014. The impact from the JOBS act will create new guidelines for purchasing equity in start-ups through leveraging the online crowd-funding marketplace. Funding ventures such as the Kickstarter project, will continue to raise new capital to the next breed of technology companies.

Is it all about mobile in 2014? So far, predictions seem on par and there are even more growth expectations. Such massive growth and forecasted expectations to reach an installed base of 2 billion smartphones globally, the enterprise and businesses are predicted to undergo complete transformation due to the impact from mobile alone. 

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