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Live Deal's New App For Android

Jan 26, 2014 10:09 PM EST

Live Deal’s Instant Deal platform is looking to compete with Groupon and LivingSocial.  The company plans to expand its platform to cities all across the U.S. The app for Android is scheduled to be released before the end of March. The upcoming LiveDeal Android app will run on the Galaxy s4 including features such as GeoLocation. Social media push features are planned for inclusion in version 3 of the app later in the year.

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Research, from the Restaurant category of the U.K. Mobile Path-to-Purchase study, was commissioned by xAd, a leading mobile-location based advertising network, and Telmetrics, the top mobile call measurement provider, and conducted by Nielsen. xAd/Telmetrics U.K. Restaurants Mobile Path-to-Purchase Infographic Location Crucial to Mobile Restaurant Searchers Mobile advertisers need to ensure their campaigns are locally relevant as location proximity is a key purchase influencer.

For smartphone restaurant researchers, of which half are using their device on the go, nearly 3 out of 4 expect the restaurant to be within five miles, including a quarter who expect it to be within walking distance. Looking up locations is the most popular restaurant search activity (69 percent) and map/navigational apps/sites are 36 percent more popular for restaurant searches than the other categories studied (Auto and Travel). Location is also important to tablet searchers as 60 percent expect restaurant locations to be within five miles.

The report also indicates user reviews are the most important mobile restaurant research feature and 58 percent of mobile searchers use reviews in their purchase decisions. Restaurants that fare well on review sites and/or include menus as well as reputably sourced reviews on their mobile websites will likely see more business/bookings. Reviews are the top search activity for tablet searchers who also use their devices more heavily for researching menu options. Overall, the top three most important features for mobile restaurant searchers are: online reviews, location proximity and an optimized website. A mobile-optimized site is key for monetizing mobile traffic as most restaurant searchers use mobile websites rather than apps.

LiveDeal has stripped away many of the things that drove consumers and merchants crazy about Groupon and LivingSocial.  LiveDeal is presently expanding in cities San Francisco, San Diego (over 1,000 restaurants on the network within months of the September launch) and Los Angeles. Restaurants like it because they control the offers and don’t get squeezed by middlemen. The restaurateur transacts directly with the customer with ‘real-time’ deals.

Restaurants can sign up to use the LiveDeal platform at the website (www.livedeal.com).

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