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Will Google Really Launch The Nexus 5 In 6 Different Colors?

Jan 24, 2014 04:27 PM EST

The Nexus 5 currently only comes in black and white, but if new leaks and rumors are to be believed then Google is planning to release the Nexus 5 in a wide range of colors including red, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple. If the leaks end up being proved true that would give the Nexus 5 almost as many color options as the Moto X or iPhone 5c. The unlikely sounding leak first originated from a grainy video which showed someone interacting with the Nexus 5 Google Play Store. In the video, they were able to click through a number of color options including red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple in addition to the standard black and white.

At the time Phandroid and Phone Arena expressed skepticism, considered the video to be a hoax and finding it unlikely. Phone Arena has uploaded a slideshow which shows each different color option and we have to say the blue color option looks really good so we do kind of hope it’s true. The Nexus 5 colors leak did get one more leak from Vietnam showing what appears to be a bright-red Nexus 5. The design conforms to the red Nexus 5 bumper case according to Droid Life. Based on what we’ve seen so far it’s starting to look more plausible that we could see the Nexus 5 launch with multiple colors.

The Nexus 5 color leak also included a yellow variant with the red variant, though there are no pictures of it. The Nexus 5 in yellow is supposed to be the same kind of bright yellow that the Nokia Lumua 1020 has or the Nexus 5 bumper case. There’s no release date timeframe when it comes to getting the Nexus 5 in any of these colors and it’s still not confirmed that orange, green, blue and purple are colors Google is considering. Phandroid has pointed out that the colors seen on the Nexus 5 bumper cases and Nexus 7 sleeve shows that Google has a certain color preference that mirrors its logo. The Google logo has blue, red, yellow and green. Phandroid suggests that the Nexus 5 might get more color options around February or March. 

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