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Executive Interview: PJ Gupta, President and CEO of Amtel

Jan 23, 2014 05:27 PM EST


PJ Gupta is the President and CEO of Amtel. Amtel 10 year old company that offers an integrated solution for Mobile Device Management and Telecom Expense Management platform for enterprises. PJ defines the company strategy, product vision, and user experience. Since its conception, he has been able to organically grow Amtel into a profitable company. Amtel launched the first cloud based mobile lifecycle management service as a result of PJ’s vision. This month, Droid Report interviewed PJ about his role as CEO at Amtel, taking a further look into the MDM security business, industry insights and highlights and discussed the company’s forthcoming initiatives for 2014.

PJ Gupta

Droid Report: Hello PJ, thank you for taking the time to interview with us today. Could you explain your role with Amtel and some of your key objectives for the forthcoming FY 2014?

PJ Gupta: I am the CEO of Amtel. In 2014, we are growing our business more rapidly in two important ways. First, we are expanding our global reach, partnering with channel partners.  Second, we are innovating in our mobile management capabilities that give us a huge growth opportunity and even more differentiation in the enterprise.

Droid Report: How do you see the future of leveraging the use of mobile device management security?

PJ Gupta: BYOD is quickly becoming the predominant access method for corporate data and communications. We see separation and isolation of business activity and content from personal activity and content as the big pain point.  The need is to containerize and protect, spanning all content and communications activity.

Droid Report: IoT, or Internet of Things, is powered by Google and Android. The future of our technologies relate strongly to how we connect to the Internet. In today’s economic society, our technologies are driven by some of the largest organizations in the world with investments. What are your thoughts on securing IoT?

PJ Gupta: Yes, the Internet of Things is clearly the next frontier.  You saw the move that Google made with the recent acquisition of Nest. Android wants to be the homeOS. Two problems need to be solved: security and management.  The first challenge is making the OS secure and minimize vulnerabilities and defend against attacks.  The second challenge is managing the proliferation of intelligent devices in different contexts. For example: How do you isolate and delimit the personal context from the business context?

Droid Report: What do you feel is the number one reason that users should select Amtel over a competitor?

PJ Gupta: Amtel differentiates on the quality of our service and integration of our cloud solution. We take care of our customers and our customers love us. We make it easy for them with a robust software as a service solution that gives them more seamlessly integrated capabilities than any other vendor in our business.

Droid Report: What are your thoughts on CIOs considering MDM business requirements for security and BYOD?

PJ Gupta: Choose a vendor who has the expertise and the range of solutions that you need to protect your data and the activity.  It’s not just about devices and access points.  You need to take care of content, communication and expenses.  Secondly there are various point solutions in cloud services.  The CIOs should select solutions which help them lower the internal resources required to manage these solutions by integrating them.

Droid Report: What challenges do you currently recognize in the marketplace?

PJ Gupta: In the MDM market, there’s a flurry of narrow solutions. For example, Android Device Management is the answer to Find My iPhone. There are certain low featured free services.  But where is the enterprise class management and control?  How do you make sure password policies are enforced, content is encrypted, and GPS is turned on? The key challenge is for organizations to recognize the need for centralized management and control.

Droid Report: How is Amtel working to overcome them?

PJ Gupta: In every sales opportunity, Amtel educates enterprise customers on the need for security policy and centralized control and the way to easily solve them. Now we are aggressively training our channel partners to help them communicate the need to enterprises and public organizations.

Droid Report: Is there anything else that you feel Android users or the Android market should know?

PJ Gupta: Today we have Amtel apps for MDM and MEM. Stay tuned for more innovations from Amtel in new categories.

We would like to thank PJ Gupta for taking the time for this discussion and Amtel.

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