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Yelp vs. Google Mobile Wars

Jan 19, 2014 05:09 PM EST


Over 100 million dollars is spent on advertising alone by local small businesses. Yelp’s service is focused on services which reach consumer’s attention. Mobile has gained increasing adoption from users. Yelp’s mobile model was hesitant at first, similar to Facebook’s initial challenges to prove monetization. The company later realized there were local content that can optimize through GPS is dynamic to the smartphone.

Yelp has been a competitor to Google since 2005. The company believes in focus of its consumer. Google is massive with its Android OS and may be challenged with its lack of focus. Yelp has been able to leverage growth by fostering social media through building its communities. Reviews are crucial to the organization.

Google has a market cap of $211.4 billion. Google’s digital marketing focuses in video remarketing and dynamic retargeting technologies. Technologies include Google+, Google Analytics, mobile advertising, video ads on YouTube, and Google Adwords. Google has realized that they need to take responsibility for multiple revenue streams for content delivered through their platform, both the end-consumer paying and through advertising.

Google Android OS still remains a leader in the worldwide smartphone market. Android expansion has been focused in emerging. Android phones are anticipated to saturate in emerging markets such as Asia, India and Africa. These countries thrive on devices under $150. Small manufacturers  and older devices with older Android versions developed  by larger manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola will also drive market growth.

Yelp for Android available at Google Play offers useful data for users.. Use us to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play then read reviews from an active community of locals in the know. The app features a search for businesses, Add reviews, photos, and tips for favorite businesses, Tap quick links to find nearby bars, restaurants, cafes and more. The application currently has over millions of installs.


Significant changes in mobile cause Yelp to adapt quickly. The company is focused on mobile and innovative technologies which it can be ready for in the future. Yelp currently has an estimate of 60,000 paid customers. Most of the companies growth is organic and strong overseas countries such as the U.K, Germany and France.

Smartphone devices have been significant in the consumer arena. With software transitioning to business and application the shift from less consumer to B2B is creating new opportunities in the industry. Consumers impact with low budget smartphones internationally can potentially disrupt in countries such as China and other markets like India. In the U.S., concerns can arise with these technologies and smartphones getting better in the future. 

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