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Game Changers Of 2014

Jan 16, 2014 10:36 AM EST

There is a lot of anticipation on what comes next in technology. Finances Online released a recent infographic this month highlighting Top Gadgets & Tech of 2013 and insight to the best game changers to expect in 2014. Top Game Changers included the Oculus Rift, Motorola’s Project Ara, Google Glass, Pebble Smartwatch, Ubuntu and more.

The infographic views Motorola’s Project Ara as one of the game changers this year. Project Ara as a “phone worth keeping.” Motorola is looking even more towards the future with recently introducing this week its modular phone, Ara. he company’s MAKEwithMOTO team had been on the road the past six months with a truck called Sticky. The team has been working hard on conducting “make-a-thons” across the United States using hackable Motorola smartphones. The phone is currently being designed for the global mass market.

Finances Online Infographic

Google Glass continues to lead. As an example of broad sector crossover by Internet majors, Google’s recent acquisitions in e-commerce, the Motorola Mobility acquisition, Google’s Fiber rollout, and Google Glass all provide evidence of such movements. Major mobile players competed for consumers. Trend and future developments of 2, 5 and 10 years from now were in the making.

Oculus Rift is poised to be an industry leader for 2014. The Oculus Rift is a next-generation virtual reality headset designed for immersive gaming. Virtual reality goggles, and Android Oculus Rift PC headset are currently in development. Android’s device processor is planned to be used for the Android Oculus Rift PC headset in developing 3D images. Oculus also confirmed no plans for an iOS VR goggles model for the future. Details are still unknown of new features to be created compared to past developments.

Virtual-Reality that is introduced to the Android platform will deliver new opportunities. The Oculus Android SDK runs internal. The company is presently working to optimize for its mobile chipsets. The Android version is planned to be designed for ARM chips devices to support offload image processing.  

Ubuntu is a rising company in OpenStack. ZDnet describes OpenStack as giving users the reassurance and flexibility of having tested and certified choices. Ubuntu is very popular on clouds as a Linux instance. Indeed, on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ubuntu is the single most popular operating system instance of all.

The Pebble Smartwatch was also a winner. The modern Pebble Smartwatch was designed to be an easy to use device. The smartwatch acts as an alternate screen for the Android smartphone. Pebble Smartwatch is priced at $150. Users have option to display messages, notification and control their own music. The smartwatch market is poised to go mainstream. The global watch industry estimates to be valued at $60 billion in sales in 2013.  Pebble has remained innovative within the sector.

Check out some of the “Clunkers” highlighted from the infographic below:

  • Blackberry Z10. Blackberry’s hero phone, the savior of a sinking ship. Didn’t happen.

  • Ouya. Console shortages, half-baked firmware and a lack of apps plague this Kickstarter startup.

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear. Overpriced, oversized, and overly dependent on a companion Samsung device.

  • HapiLabs Hapifork.

  • Twitter #music.

  • Blackberry BB10.

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