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The Oculus Ecosystem And Rift Prototype

Jan 16, 2014 10:43 AM EST

Oculus released its prototype of Oculus Rift at CES earlier this month. The developer-only headset has not been released and is expected for fall. Oculus unveiled for the prototype a new demo, AMOLED screen, low persistence, display technology featuring motion blur and “smearing and position tracking. The new prototype is called“Crystal Cove.” “We’ll need some seat belts for people. You want to stand up, you want to walk around” stated Oculus.

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Augmented reality technology is the computer generated graphics that is embedded into the real world and ideally the user would not be able to state the difference between computer-generated images and the real world.  Virtual reality entirely blocks out the real world where as augmented reality adds to the already existing real world. Augmented reality is a blistering technology that can attract several people through media and technology. There are many uses of virtual reality technology, particularly in applications like military, gaming, training, and education.

The augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is experiencing heavy penetration in wide area of applications like automotive, e-commerce and retail, marketing, medical, military &defense, and education. Among the mentioned applications, e-commerce and military are the areas where maximum penetration is seen currently. However, other applications are expected to emerge rapidly by the year 2015.  

The Augmented reality market is driven by the advent of eye wear and the new eyewear industry is looking forward to the game changing possibilities of this technology. Increased demand in the development of virtual reality based tools in computer gaming and technology became one of the entertainment areas which is giving other industries like film and music, a tough competition in terms of revenue.  The major companies into augmented and virtual reality are Total Immersion (France), Eon Reality Inc. (U.S.), Qualcomm Inc(U.S.), Metaio GmbH (Germany), Virtalis Ltd. (U.K.) and, Layar (The Netherlands).

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Oculus believes in fostering the ecosystem. The team recently posted via the Oculus Blog, that key components for truly awe-inspiring virtual reality is great content. The company is actively in support of Oculus developers, fostering the ecosystem, and truly fuel the future of virtual reality. According to Oculus, one of the long-time, favorite ideas has been to actually fund and publish Oculus games, applications, and experiences by providing additional support and resources for key developers building the games and content that define the platform.

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