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Kohls Budget Android Tablets Online

Jan 15, 2014 11:44 AM EST

Kohls offers a range of Android low budget tablets at it stores and online site. Kohl’s omnichannel experience is aligned to socially connect customer interaction with their favorite brands across all of its channels. Throughout their omnichannel efforts, the retailer is currently developing connections and improving the customer experience wherever and however they interacts with the stores. The retailer continues to make big investments to increase its capabilities and provide an innovative seamless customer experience.


The retailer’s e-commerce sales increased 15 percent in the third quarter. Kohls fully expects e-commerce sales to reaccelerate in the fourth quarter now that their retail re-platform has been completed. Kohls also expanded its loyalty initiatives. The company implemented its loyalty program to California and the Pittsburg market during the quarter. Kohls plans to expand its loyalty to additional stores beginning in spring.

The company’s recent holiday Dream Receipt campaign has gifted more than $1 million in merchandise to Kohl’s customers chosen at random to have their tab covered by Kohl’s. More than 12,000 Dream Receipts have been awarded in store and online since Thanksgiving Day. The retailer picked up the tab for one winner every day in every store and Kohls.com through last December 24, totaling more than 30,000 winners for the past holiday season.

Kohl’s currently has three new national brands planned to increase its relevance, create excitement in store and online. In spring 2014, the retailer will launch an exclusive children's clothing collection, which combines the quality and value of its Jumping Beans brand and the magic of Disney. Made for infants and young children, the collection will feature beloved Disney character. A new collection will launch each season at Kohl’s U.S. stores and Kohls.com.

Beginning in fall of 2014, Kohls will offer IZOD branded menswear in its U.S. stores and on Kohls.com. The IZOD assortment will feature sportswear and dress apparel including golf separates, woven sport shirts, sweaters, knit shirts, shorts, suit separates, dress shirts and dress pants. Also in fall, Kohls expects to launch the Juicy Couture brand. Kohls opened 12 new stores last year. The company expects to open approximately 10 stores in 2014.

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