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Jan 15, 2014 11:38 AM EST


IDC released a recent report of the worldwide smart connected device market -- comprised of PCs, tablets, and smartphones -- is forecast to grow 27.8 percent year over year in 2013, slightly lower than the 30.3 percent growth in 2012. The growth will be driven by tablet and smartphone shipments, while the PC outlook has been lowered by 10 percent in 2013.


The International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Smart Connected Device Tracker expects tablet shipments to surpass total PC shipments (desktop plus portable PCs) in the fourth quarter of 2013 (4Q13). PCs shipments are still expected to be greater than tablet shipments for the full year, tablet shipments will surpass total PC shipments on an annual basis by the end of 2015. Smartphones will continue to ship in high volumes, surpassing 1.4 billion units in 2015 and accounting for 69 percent of all smart connected device shipments worldwide.

Microsoft's Windows 8 marketplace impact was anything but revolutionary. Windows 8's agitated many PC users. The high cost of many Microsoft systems made them a tough sell in economic conditions. The numbers could change as the economy is still in recovery from the crisis. The disappointing PC sales indicated weak demand for its Windows 8 operating system that just hit the market over the fall.

IDC reported that PC sales slid nearly 14% in the first quarter.  The company launched its first touch-based operating system, Windows 8 late last year. But Windows 8 could not provide a positive boost to the PC market. Microsoft is way behind its competitors. The company will have to explore ways to recover from the current situation.

The report also states the worldwide smart connected device value is expected to be $622.4 billion in 2013, of which $423.1 billion will come from the sub-$350 smartphone and sub-$350 tablet segments collectively. "At a time when the smartphone and tablet markets are showing early signs of saturation, the emergence of lower-priced devices will be a game-changer," said Megha Saini, Research Analyst with IDC. "

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