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The "Android Ready" Business

Jan 13, 2014 05:09 PM EST


Smart devices could easily surpass the traditional computer in the 21st century. Mobile creates a lot of new opportunities in various markets. We as individuals will grow, new competitors will emerge, disrupting industries will outcome and creating new business models also will become.

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“The need for a third ecosystem as far as the consumer is concerned is debatable,” said Nick Spencer, London-based senior practice director for mobile devices, applications and content at ABI Research. “It is more about the industry wanting to have a balanced market by having three players. “So you’ve seen all those telecom manufacturers fall away and they are being replaced by mobile computing firms, which is Android and iOS,” he said. “Samsung has moved with that and adopted Android. “The jury is still out on Nokia.”

For technology spending efforts should also factor for training to help understand how to better improve. How we can improve (procedural) on invested training is also an important factor ie to ROIs. Investing in the next few years, adding more training hours, more time with internal staff should provide ROI.

Speed, time and money all come together. With its ease of use and early adoption growth the Mobile apps impact much greater than the Internet. Early adoption is also leadership. Being able to experience the learning curve would benefit by having deeper knowledge of the technologies. Sometimes the Innovators role brings challenges whereas early adopters do not have.

The most successful organizations' CIOs will work closely with other C-level execs and department heads to map-out the ways in which technology can and will support the company's growth and business plans. Using that info, the CIO and his/her team can then develop their IT plan, including the timelines necessary to ensure their business doesn't lag behind competitors.

We can learn a lot from successful talent in mobile enterprises with developing successful teams. Somehow they have met those objectives of being able to bring together the right skill sets and expertise to the department. If the present team lacks such skills it would obviously limit success in theAndroid market overall.

Lack of skills is critical because if employees do not know how to use the right tools or otherwise then you really don't have anything at all! It would be interesting when it all comes down to it, that right now it appears big data management is in place but when the demand for "know how" is required is important. Situations like these, the organization and its people must adapt.

Mobile Ready in business serves as very useful tools for many organizations. With Android, we expect more enterprise wide apps as business becomes widespread. Mobile BI apps have still yet to mature but have business value. Tablets and Apps are powerful as corporate executives can stay up to date on corporate data for all departments and departments that may not be "too tech."

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