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McAfee's 2014 Threat Predictions

Jan 13, 2014 12:42 PM EST

McAfee’s 2014 Threat Predictions Report indicates that mobile malware will be the driver of growth in both technical innovation and the volume of attacks in the overall malware “market” in 2014. More mobile malware expected and predicted this year. There will be more malware masquerading as legit apps, apps that will fleece consumer pockets and malvertising — real-looking ads that lead trusting souls to fraudulent sites.

Android Malware Report

The report also states, “Many of the new PC attacks in 2014 will exploit vulnerabilities in HTML5, which allows websites to come alive with interaction, personalization, and rich capabilities for programmers. However, HTML5 also exposes a number of new attack surfaces. Using HTML5, researchers have already shown how to monitor a user’s browser history to better target ads. As many HTML5-based applications are designed for mobile devices, we expect to see attacks that will breach the browser sandbox and give attackers direct access to the device and its services. Many enterprises will also build HTML5-based corporate applications. To prevent exfiltration of the data used by these apps, security will need to be built into these new systems from Day One.”

McAfee’s study also indicated that the good news for individuals and enterprises alike is that though the ransomware payload is unique, the distribution mechanisms (spam, drive-by downloads, and infected apps) are not. Consumers and enterprises that keep their antimalware (both endpoint and network) systems current will be relatively safe from this threat. An effective backup system, be it personal or enterprise deployed, will also isolate victims from most of the negative consequences of ransomware.

Some security reasons may also concern costs and speed and ease of implementation. Mid Sized organizations often have the need to make the most out of available resources before more resources can be attained. Some reasons may be to lower total cost of ownership, lower the cost and effort of upgrades, lower up front costs, factoring its perceived ease of implementation.

Organizations that are prone to Android malware should revamp their strategy. With the right strategy a company must commit of significant assets, organizational resources, phases to implement and thinking long term objectives. Being tactical in the work environment lead us in a good direction to refine strategy when in fact tactical is easier to implement being this is task based.Working in an organization that is both tactical and strategic is a very good leadership culture. It’s important for managers to have set goals and strategies for the organization being clear in carrying out to the employees in what they want.

What steps are you taking in 2014 to protect your Android device from malware?

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