Jun 17, 2021 | Updated: 12:40 PM EDT

Android Malware Impacts VARs

Jan 13, 2014 12:35 PM EST

The more mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in the market and used by businesses the more utilization on cloud services involving compute, network and storage. According to FireEye, new Android malware is tied to more than 60 mobile botnet campaigns has been emailing personal SMS messages to a remote server. MisoSMS was reported last month to have infected hundreds of users according to FireEye. MisoSMS is a mobile spyware.


FireEye stated that this is an Android threat being one of the largest, most advanced mobile botnets to date, comprising more than 450 unique malicious email accounts. "We are working with Korean law enforcement and the Chinese webmail vendor to mitigate this threat," FireEye stated. "This threat highlights the need for greater cross-country and cross-organizational efforts to take down large malicious campaigns.”

Concern and Trust within national security has had dramatic effects. The management in our industry and required increased security for operations, as well personal effects. A lot of the changes also result due to our economic recovery, corporate governance and regulations. It's critical that organizations still must continue and learn to adapt, thrive and grow in these circumstances.

Technology's role is critical to enable strategies to help protect Android and malware impacts on VARs. There can be partnering opportunities for VARs that provide the critical component for a secure, paperless workflow for applicable industries, for example in healthcare sectors. Digital Signatures in organizations is a cost and time elimination benefit compared to paper documents. Electronic Signatures can really bring organizations up to speed.

Password Management for any organization would sure save a lot of money. This is critical. SLAs and establishing data quality control relies on monitoring, data quality rules and addressing important issues requiring attention. When the quality of data does not meet the level of acceptability,  operational data governance in an organization can internalize.  This results in observance of the DQ SLAs, and consequently continuously monitor and control the quality of organizational data. Password management is a challenging area in online security. The proliferation of password requirements across the Internet is very challenging for today.

Android OS is prone to malware. Make sure security is a top priority. The popularity of Android smartphones unfortunately makes it “hacker friendly.” With the right knowledge, users can stay ahead to avoid threats, data loss, infection and risks. Adhering to practical policies can eliminate current and future security threats and reduce risk. 

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