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Google Now's Impact On Predictive Analytics

Jan 10, 2014 11:23 AM EST


Google Now leverages Android and big data offering many advantages. Analytics skills and BI will drive management decision-making in the years to come. Big Data Analytics, BI is an emerging market of course. Analysts technical and BI business skills are crucial. This also really deserves a big thanks to the emerging organizations that have adopted big data and cultivated the tools, skills necessary for all big data offers. Further developing the right strategies in management will produce big data ROIs.


Predictive analytics use quantitative methods to derive Business insights from data. The reports and data visualization of predictions, patterns, and forecasts empower management to make fact-based decisions. Less questions as a result. Working with real time tools that are adapted as big data continues to grow is exciting as well internally the ROI is there and its competitive advantages. The success of big data in any type of organization today relies on how it structures its own strategy.

Using the data information to understand sentiment over time would be a large part of further developing how to strategically use Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis functionality in the work environment. As well continued growth in refining one’s analysis would be used in these tools. A data strategy today requires that “team effort” where employees should be involved in training and understanding of real time tools. A staff that is able to understand emerging big data will be successful.

We also view listening as the front end of decision making interpersonally but in such a case applied to social media. With the collections and analysis of relevant data to drive the organisation to agree on solutions and implementation, leaders should also work to challenge the assumptions that are brought out from data analytics.

Google Now is a powerful predictive analytics search tool for Android users. It offers customizable dashboards and also personalized data which allows the user to automate data in real time. Organizations that collect and retain data, learn that only few of these organizations have reached a maturity phase that is effective to derive value. In the future, the costs and efforts for capturing, managing, archiving, and ultimately, trying to even find the data they need is going to far exceed the value most businesses can derive.

What are your thought’s on Google Now and Predictive Analytics?

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