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Nexus 5 Battery Case: i-Blason Case Adds Extra Full Charge Of 2500mAh To Google Device, Should You Wait For ZeroLemon? [REPORT]

Jan 09, 2014 03:53 PM EST

The Nexus 5 batter case by i-Blason is welcome to most Nexus 5 owners. With a 2300mAh battery the Nexus 5 battery life has been described as lackluster. While some Nexus 5 users have reported being able to get a satisfactory day’s worth of battery life out of the Nexus 5, most others have found the battery life to be mediocre and erratic. Some report getting as much as 12 hours of battery life with moderate usage from the Nexus 5 one day and as little as 6 hours another day.

The Nexus 5 battery case by i-Blason could help resolve the Nexus 5 battery life problems. The 2,500mAh Nexus 5 battery case gives the Nexus 5 a full extra charge, increasing by 50% the regular battery life the Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 battery case by i-Blason currently costs $59.95 on Amazon and the i-Blason website with shipping roughly around $5.  The i-Blason Nexus 5 battery case currently has a 4 out 5 stars on Amazon. That’s fairly expensive for a battery case but it does include the following:

i-Blason PowerGlider Lightning Version Slim Fit Slider Battery Case for Google Nexus 5-- Custom designed for Nexus 5. This case sports a powerful 2,500 mAh Capacity Smart Polymer-Lithum battery can double your Nexus 5 battery case while maintaining a slim profile after installation. With a full body protection design, i-Blason PowerGlider case is very easy to install and use. Our case provides optimal protection for your phone while maintaining a very slim profile and light weight. 

·         i-Blason (TM) logo bearing Glider Battery Case for Google Nexus 5

·         Included in the Package: 1X Google Nexus 5 battery case slim slider design + 1X Micro 5 pin USB Cable

·          Capacity: 2,500mAh = 1 full charge of Nexus 5 internal battery, Input: 5V/800mA, Output: 5V/500mA

·         Easy Access to all Functions, Controls, Speakers and Cameras

·         LED power indicator for battery power level, on-off power to control when to use the extra power

·         One Year Limited Warranty from i-Blason LLC.

Some Nexus 5 users have sought battery cases which can help expand the life of the Nexus 5 battery. Zerolemon has confirmed that it will be coming out with a 2,000mAh and 6,000mAh battery for the Nexus 5 in mid-January. Some users have decided to wait for Zerolemon, known for making a well-regarded battery case for the Nexus 4. Aside from i-Blason another Nexus 5 battery case already available is Limefuel which costs $79.99 and adds a capacity of 2860mAh. The i-Blason Nexus 5 battery case is interesting because it changes the Nexus 5 speakers to be front facing, rather than downwards. So in addition to extend battery life the battery case can improve the sound experience. Currently i-Blason does seem to be the better regarded battery but it might be worth waiting for Zerolemon. 

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