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Upcoming 2014 mHealth Events

Jan 08, 2014 12:04 PM EST

There are a lot of influences impacting mHealth (mobile health) technologies these days. Mobile technology is considered the future of patient-centric care. Consumerism is a contributing success area of mHealth as well. Devices such as Android smartphones and apps for healthcare are changing the way people are living and using apps to participate in healthcare. Sid Kosaraju, managing director for Accenture, stated at last month’s mHealth Summit panel,  "I think we're in the middle of a care transformation where ability is being transformed by tools," he said. Those tools, he added, are used in four equally important settings: staffed beds, face-to-face, in-home and virtual.

mHealth Summit

Nasrin Dayani, executive director of AT&T ForHealth, AT&T Advanced Business Solutions stated "Eighty percent of mHealth apps don't get used beyond one month ... they're not being integrated in workflows or being made part of the care delivery system." The demand for meaningful use in the apps and data is being questioned on engagement.

The movement of the “e-patient” is forthcoming. These consumers are using multiple devices such as Android smartphones, tablets, applications and more and are seeking new ways to use digital health. Mobile sensors are taking more place within the industry. InMedica predicts that the American telehealth market will grow by 600 percent between 2012 and 2017. This would represent an increase from the current 227,000 telehealth patients to reach up to 1.3m patients in 2017. They think this is mostly related to the reimbursement changes in the US.

Upcoming 2014 mHealth Events

Social Media in the Pharma Industry

London, England

22-23 January 2014

mHealth Technologies for At-Risk Communities

UCLA, California

23 January 2014

National Health Summit

Dublin, Ireland

19 February 2014

Mobile World Congress

Barcelona, Spain

24-26 February 2014

Mobile Health Strategies for Lifescience

Philadephia, USA

12 March 2014

EyeforPharma Summit

Barcelona, Spain

18-20 March 2014

mHealth in Clinical Trials Congress

Glasgow, Scotland

20-21 March 2014


Luxembourg, Brussels

9-11 April 2014


Washington DC, USA

9-11 April 2014

mHealth Summit Europe

Berlin, Germany

6 May 2014

mHealth Summit Asia Pacific

Sydney, Australia

20-21 May 2014

mHealth Summit Middle East

Abu Dhabi, UAE

28-29th May 2014

Doctors 2.0 & You

Paris, France

5-6 June 2014

mHealth + Telehealth World

Boston, USA

23-25 July 2014

mHealth Summit

Washington DC, USA

8-10 December 2014

*mHealth Insight

mHealth, mobile technology and mobile applications is a large, positive entity for healthcare organizations and not just to save money. Being able to analyze illnesses, their patterns and so on, helps physicians determine the best way to diagnose and treat such diseases, illnesses and more. Meeting the demands of consumerization is key.

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