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What Mobile SMBs Want In 2014

Jan 07, 2014 10:59 AM EST

A recent survey conducted by j2 Global revealed that more than 28 percent of small businesses are planning to increase their online presence, with email (23 percent) and mobile marketing (13.76 percent) top of their wish list. Mobile users have a strong understanding of SMB behaviors, customer needs and how it impacts their purchasing decisions. Success is driven by understanding.

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The consumer demand definitely has significant impact to the future of all-in-one devices. Having too many devices is going to translate into stress and that isn't good for anyone. Android users would then have little ways to go to get to the all in one device. If we can get to one less device than we have now that would be a big start. Get the phone functionality into a tablet for example.

Leveraging mobile applications for SMBs is also an advantage. This will be important information for Retailers to know agreed, both for now and the future. The more educated and the more informed, it will be easiest to make the best choice & decision. Retailers still lack knowledge and are not all all of them are using mobile apps. This information is important with adapting to its growth.

BYOD and Analytics work well together if the type of organization relies on communications in certain areas like sales and marketing. For SMBs, deriving data in sales for example by using mobile devices for the workplace can enable communications between workers using real time analytics, tools and mobile together. The results should drive revenues, improve or create strategies and solve problems. Data leveraged competitively benefits well.

Social and mobile tools are also important to SMBs. It can be difficult for SMBs to understand the value of having a Facebook page, or of using Twitter in the first place. Managing and monitoring posts and interactions can be easy, especially if the business gives that specific job to an employee. There are tools to help provide a picture of social performance by indicating what topics are hot and which ones are not. As the results are analyzed and "digested," the strategy can be adjusted  to generate more customer interaction.

Acknowledging and setting such industry standards will boost confidence as well. Concern and Trust within security has had dramatic effects. A lot of the changes also result due to corporate governance, regulations, etc. It's critical that organizations still must continue and learn to adapt, thrive and grow in these circumstances. Technology's role is critical to enable such strategies.

The ability to understand is important in the process to expanding the mobile SMB network.

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