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Android Virtual Workplace Apps

Jan 07, 2014 10:45 AM EST


Developing and supporting a virtual workforce strategy would be smart as well benefit toward low retention. With technology today tools make it easy and convenient for most any generation to work remotely. Enterprise organizations understand the importances of today's virtual workplace by offering specialization in remote workers skills as well for training. Virtual work environments have benefited me greatly on a global scale.

Virtual Environments

Virtual Environments for Android offers convenience to attending virtual environments and webcasts. Users that are part of a mobile workforce can stay connected by accessing webcasts or virtual environments both live and on-demand via their tablet. The app has a sleek, finger-friendly design, the tablet experience Android users to engage in fully immersive, interactive events. The intuitive user interface mirrors its desktop platform, allowing quick and easily leverage of same great features and functionality.

Virtual Environments

OpenScape UC

The OpenScape UC Android app is a mobile, global, distributed and virtual workforce solution. The app gives users fast access to the right people on the first attempt, regardless of where they are. OpenScape UC Application provides intelligent access to all your communications from the Android device, ensuring you stay connected and productive at the least possible cost. The app lets users Activate rules and set time zone, location and status notes.

SAP HCM Konnect

SAP HCM Konnect for Android is available at Google Play. The apps aims to enhance collaboration thru enriched employee experience Description: Engaging workforce by providing contextual insight provides significant impact on employee collaboration and organization performance. Employees, Managers, HR, Business leaders can augment any of the HR point of interest over a camera view to gather organizational insights augmented directly from SAP ERP (augmented on top of the camera view). SAP HCM Konnect mobile app leverages augmented reality platform to provide insight to the workforce in identifying / connecting to various point of interest within an organization at their context in real time. Augmented Reality & Contextualization Augmented Reality is the real-time use of information in form of text, graphics, audio & other virtual enhancements integrated with real-world objects. Augmented Reality helps workforce to connect with the world around in a completely new intuitive way. Employees augment and more.

Organizations that do have loyal, committed, trained qualified staff reduces risk. Retention is important. Maintaining good productivity levels, missions and mobile initiatives requires great relationship-building. A Virtual CIO service or mobile app is a benefit in that it can offer the flexibility to costs, timeframes that a smaller sized organization can handle given the various factors versus hesitation to invest in a full time CIO, cost factors, need to prove value.

This is a critical skill set to any mobile virtual workplace technology. They can prove deep understanding the business, show knowledge of technology strategies and more. If the Virtual CIO is a cost factor, they should know apps are significantly affordable and for business' in various industries. Understanding its value is critical.

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