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Best Android Mobile POS Solutions

Jan 02, 2014 11:06 AM EST


Consumers have the ability to research offers online and set up automated payments using their mobile app. The current economic climate has resulted in increased pressure for companies to retain loyal customers. Securing greater customer loyalty can be substantial.

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TopTenREVIEWS released information on Mobile POS How To’s and what to look for in a POS solutions. "Customers rate their shopping and dining experiences higher when newer POS technologies are used to process their payments,” said Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of TopTenREVIEWS. “They enjoy the convenience of immediate service without the hassles of waiting in a checkout line to pay their bill."

How to Find the Best POS Solution for How You Do Business:

Start-up Cost: We looked at the start-up cost required to acquire an entry-level retail or restaurant POS system. The POS solution you choose might depend on how much you can afford to invest upfront. If you sign a payment processing agreement, you can acquire a POS system free, but you will be locked in to a contract. If you obtain a POS system outright, it will cost more upfront, but you will have the freedom to shop for the best credit card processing rates.

Terminals & Peripherals: Depending on your business, you may need a wide range of hardware. If your business is growing and has special needs such as scale compatibility, mobile inventory or omnidirectional barcode scanners, then you will want to work with a POS company that can provide those things.

POS Software: The software dictates what your POS system can do. You will need to select the best software to suit your needs. Most POS companies offer restaurant and retail POS software such as QuickBooks POS, Aldelo, Cash Register Express, Restaurant Pro Express and Harbortouch.

After Purchase Care: While many people are familiar with the aggressive pre-sales process, after-sales support is a major concern. If your payment system goes down, your business shuts down. We looked for POS companies that provided extended support hours, next day shipping of replacement parts and onsite training.

Mobile & Wireless Technology: Mobile POS technologies are affordable and in demand. We looked for progressive companies that employ wireless or mobile tablet, mobile phone or handheld payment processing. Many even provide free mobile software that works with their POS stations.

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Amazon has acquired startup Gopago, an Android point-of-sale system for retailers. The system provides a way for consumers to prepay for items before picking them up in a store. Amazon is said to acquire the company for its technology as part of an "ambitious new project."

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