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Google, Audi In-Car Android System

Dec 31, 2013 06:56 PM EST


Google and Audi are expected to launch an In-Car Android system at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas. According to WSJ, the companies plan to disclose collaborative efforts with other automotive and tech companies, including chip maker Nvidia, to establish Android as an important technology for future vehicles, these people said. The aim is to allow drivers and passengers to access music, navigation, apps and services that are similar to those widely available now on Android-powered smartphones.

International Business Times

"The car is becoming the ultimate mobile device," said Thilo Koslowski, an analyst at the research firm Gartner Inc. who specializes in advanced in-car electronics. "Apple and Google see that and are trying to line up allies to bring their technology into the vehicle." The WSJ also reported,  Audi is expected to demonstrate new technologies that allow cars to drive themselves in certain situations and for short periods, and to lay out a timetable to offer them on new models due to arrive over the next four or five years, people familiar with the matter said.

Audi is ahead of the curve competing aggressively with Android and mobility initiatives. BYOD is an enabler to achieve tangible business benefits.Audi recognizes the value of mobility as an enabler of business transformation to drive greater efficiency, agility and customer engagement within their organizations. The company will invest more than ever in its business over the next five years, increasing spending to support growth. More than €10.5 billion will be used to develop new models and technologies. Audi is poised for continued ambitious growth expectations.

There is record number demand of the vehicles in the U.S that have consumers embracing mobile. Drivers today are demanding to be connected with communication to the outside world. Safety remains a priority with auto companies. Smartphone apps will also be a driving trend. Drivers can also expect Bluetooth, capacitive-touch controls and more.

Android offers a lot of flexibility for the automotive industry. Companies are turning to Android OS for its reliability, innovation and security. Today’s cars can have a dashboard which includes a real-time map of traffic and open parking spots. Intel has been currently working on these type of connected cars that will revolutionize driving convenience. More opportunities are expected to evolve in areas like security, safety and user interfaces.

Innovation is crucial to connected cars. Vehicles have the ability to receive and transmit data from the cloud, enable  sensors and cameras around the vehicle, leverage parking advances to 3D display and sound. There is a transition to a Platform-Rich Computing System where there are traditional software and hardware architecture being merged to the connected in-vehicle experience.

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