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Dec 31, 2013 06:03 PM EST

Android and Mobile Security: Android’s mobile security and agility towards enforcing policies can integrate across many of its devices. The Android OS mobile security risks have main components which contribute to supporting enterprise-grade mobility management programs versus other types of operating systems. more

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The Digital Sports Market: Mobile, gaming and digital video are paving the way for the sports industry. Android mobile devices allow users to follow games on devices, integrate a variety of Android apps, track scores on smartphones or tablets and more. According to PWC, the global sports market in 2015 Global revenues are set to rise to $145bn. Global sports revenues will grow to US$145.3 billion over the period 2010 - 2015, at an annual compound growth rate of 3.7 percent. more

Future of Android and TV: More than 8 billion Internet-connected video devices will be installed worldwide in 2017, exceeding the population of the planet, according to Broadband Technology Service at IHS Inc. Media companies will face challenges. Learning how to integrate consumers into platform ecosystems and offering incentives for switching to high costs is concern. more

Oil and Gas, Seismic Technology: Oil prices are increasing significantly and the need for moderate prices to leverage new energy resources is critical. The industry has been exploring cost effective solutions through technologies for oil and gas. Oil explorations are now leveraging 3D seismic imaging technology to help minimize risks. more

Android Gaming in the Cloud: The beauty of gaming in the cloud means games can be played from anywhere. NVIDIA recently released GRID BETA app available free for Android 4.1 and up at the Google Play Store. Android users can find that there are a variety of Android devices compatible with streaming games. NVIDIA SHIELD was displayed earlier this year at CE3. The future is through GRID streaming to a variety of devices including SHIELD and Android Tablets. The foundation of these cloud gaming servers are the GRID K520 and K340 boards. It is the first dedicated cloud gaming platform. more

The Android App Economy: The Android App economy has gained ground. Sales from apps, advertising revenues that were designed for consumers are now in effect. There were no mobile apps available in 2007. Today, over 25 billion mobile applications have been downloaded by users. Apps are generating more revenue streams and integrated into the business model. more

Android Enterprise Mobile Platform Market: Android is prominent in the mobile platform market. Android surpassed 80 percent market share in the third quarter of 2013 within the mobile OS market. Most of sales were derived from China with Samsung the only non-Chinese vendor for China. Whitebox Yulong was the third largest Android vendor in China. Xiaomi gained 4.3 percent sales. more

Android Data Visualization: Data visualization involves data that can be represented graphically. Visual data for Android users is basically how tools convert raw data into meaning or understanding. Today’s organizations adopt data visualization for data exploration and also to communicate. more

VC Investments and Android: Today’s emerging VC investment trends are seeking out mobile app startups. The demand for developer tools is also increasing. VCs and enterprise technology organizations such as Facebook are actively capitalizing in this market. Industry sectors such as cloud, education and health care have appealing business models for VCs. The mobile market and business model requirements for Android developers seeking investments is also relevant for today. more

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