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Netflix Android App Review

Dec 30, 2013 11:54 AM EST


Netflix is poised to take over digital, music and video as it becomes mainstream. The company announced in 2013, a $100,000 prize for developers who can improve open source tools for its features on cloud computing. There are 8 cloud-architecture tools presently available from Netflix. The company is also competing in price with rivals in video streaming. Netflix technology blog update stated last year, it will be working on ways of building cloud resiliency and extending resiliency to handle partial or complete regional outages.

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Netflix is a company that has been set on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Netflix has been assertive with its consumer strategy, extending tools and code that are not good best practices for future cloud architectures. According to Netflix’s Blog, new features have also been updated for Android tablet users.

New Updates For Netflix Streaming Features:

  • Android device running 2.2 or above.

  • Navigation Scroll down after launching the app to see recommended genres.

  • Netflix supports streaming to Android devices in all regions.

  • Resolution For Android tablets currently support streaming in 480p.

  • Netflix HD playback is only available on the new Nexus 7 tablet.

  • Subtitles & Alternate Audio Updated

Redbox and Spotify are smaller companies in the market competing with Netflix. Netflix has much more of a greater cash position than smaller companies to continue growth in strategy, execution and acquisitions. Netflix’s main competitors include Amazon, AMC, Hulu and HBO. Netflix has an estimate worth of $10 billion, and Amazon is at $84 billion. The continued cloud outages may lead Netflix customers elsewhere.

Customer satisfaction in reliability is highly important if unreliability negatively affects the consumer. Cloud challenges are getting better. Today its also a benefit to know that the cloud challenges are more transparent in the industry and maturing. Netflix strategy is to isolate regions, so outages in the US or Europe do not impact each other.

As rivals race to compete with technologies, Netflix continues to be focused on being steps ahead of competitors.The outage was a failure but Netflix confirms it operates above 99.9 percent. Aside from its cloud reliability issues, consumers do benefit greatly from its convenience and overall service. Netflix US subscriber base is 27.15 million users. here is also a mobile site which allows shoppers to watch movies online.

The Netflix Android app hosts over thousands of TV episodes and movies. Android users can browse, search titles and watch movies instantly. “Winning” the war over streaming video for Netflix today means its ability to deliver 30-percent plus of total internet downstream traffic. So far streaming has been a success. Netflix aims to provide quality experience to its customers.

Netflix Android App is available for free download for Android users at Google Play.

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