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B2B Android Apps

Dec 30, 2013 11:46 AM EST


With today’s complexity of decision-making and budget pressures, B2B can enable greater sales for the organization. And that means picking the right B2B Apps for Android. Solutions that have prioritized prospects, engage by nurturing leads, align marketing and sales, provide analytics, and focus on customer experience yield results.

Here are some top B2B Android Apps which can deliver innovation, leads, analytics and more solutions:

Google Voice

Google Voice is a free Android App which lets Android users make cheap international calls with your Google number. Send free text messages. Place calls and send text messages showing your Google number. Listen to voicemail and read transcripts. Currently only available in the US. The app requires Android 2.0 and higher.

Google Voice

Samsung B2B

Samsung B2B App at Google Play lets users view Samsung’s various products via their Android smartphone.

Intuit Go Payment

The Intuit Go Payment App allows Android users to enable the Android Device to Accept Credit Cards Wherever You Go Intuit GoPayment offers a fast, easy, and commitment-free way for you to accept credit cards anytime, anywhere. Simply plug your credit card reader into your mobile device and start accepting credit cards anywhere you go so you never miss a sale. GoPayment offers two pricing options and users can cancel at anytime.

Splashtop Remote

Splashtop Remote Desktop App at Google Play is a paid app available for just under $5. The app is the only remote desktop app that streams the whole PC or Mac screen to the Android smartphone with smooth, high-res video and audio, allowing Android users  to interact with your all applications, games, multimedia content, and files over Wi-Fi.

Android Agenda

The Android Agenda Widget App is a free application highly customizable homescreen widget which allows users to show calendars and tasks from various other Android applications. It comes with various preset themes and has 3 display modes (inline, icon and date row). This is the free version of the application which is fully functional, however at the moment it does not receive feature updates. Agenda Widget 2.0 free version still gets bug fixes and will have some minor changes to the settings. Agenda Widget Plus is also available.

B2B Communications

The B2B Communications App for Android allows users to get the latest news and updates from the world of B2B Communications, India's only portal dedicated to B2B marketing community. From breaking news, to business, sectorial updates, articles and interviews of B2B experts, all divided into clear sections, this free app lets you read the latest updates wherever you are. Key features include: All the latest news from the B2B market • Articles and Interviews of B2B Marketing experts • Know about all the events relevant to your own domain and many more

Obviously, these kinds of Apps and its capabilities bring high value to the marketing organization. By significantly adding shorter deliverable cycles, real-time accuracy, and fast turnaround, the cost saving benefits are considerable. Determining the right solution and B2B marketing experience mix to communicate for your organization is a challenge. Demand Generation is critical to long-term success.

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