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Google Ventures Looks To Mobile

Dec 26, 2013 11:19 AM EST


Google Ventures, Google's venture capital unit, is one of the hottest investment firms in Silicon Valley. David Drummond, Google's senior vice president of corporate development, who oversees Google Ventures stated, "We have the capability to use our money, our time, our effort, our expertise, our brain power, and the Google brand to help build great companies, that's a worthwhile thing to do." Three portfolio companies from Google Ventures went public this year and six were also acquired.

Google Ventures

Google Ventures in more mobile deals has been significant. Its recent mobile deals include, Appurify, Apportable, Cluster, MessageMe, Osito, Sold and Uber. Rich Miner is the Android co-founder and Google Ventures partner who was recently interviewed by AllThingsD. Rich Miner stated, ” The number of sensors being added in and around mobile devices is also creating tons of opportunities. “MacGyver would have loved to have had a mobile phone,” Miner said. “Think what he had to do to make a flashlight or compass.”

“Now those devices — a camera and so many more formerly standalone features — are just part of what comes standard on a phone. That creates opportunities for new kinds of companies for giving a second chance to ideas that didn’t make it during the early days of the Internet. “I definitely think there are things in local and groups that were tried in Internet 1.0 that become a lot easier with mobile.” Miner said. “There’s no doubt the influx of angel funding had more bad ideas get funded,” Miner also said.

Today’s emerging VC investment trends are seeking out mobile app start-ups. The demand for developer tools is also increasing. VCs and enterprise technology organizations such as Facebook are actively capitalizing in this market. Industry sectors such as cloud, education and health care have appealing business models for VCs.  The mobile market and business model requirements for Android developers seeking investments is also relevant for today.

Investment priorities for Android mobile app development are in demand. According to Developer Economics, almost 35% of developers use the Android platform. Developers and organizations who leverage tools are cost saving. Even one application for the entire company would be cost efficient and easy to use and maintain. Cost is priority and there should be cost savings opportunities which tie into mobile apps. This is learned by consolidation what true benefits are to be drove out from applications. From the business standpoint, information and apps need to avoid the "overwhelmness factor" of having too much by executing proper consolidation.

Investment diversity is broad for Google Ventures. Google Ventures is looking towards technology innovation which is disruptive to create the future. In addition to its financial investments, Google Ventures also contributes to workshops and design services for companies. The venture group currently has $1.2 billion under management.

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