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Android Development Initiatives

Dec 23, 2013 10:53 AM EST

If there is still a challenge in how your organization leverages Android development and mobile application tools and technology for engaging customers and employees then you may want to rethink development strategy. The confusion on not knowing what to do or how to go about it can result in disaster. An appropriate strategy is to identify the people in your organization who “get” the development process and know about existing marketing and mobile technology processes. Empower, drive developer initiatives.

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Look at long term goals for app development optimization by putting together an appropriate budget for area prospects for your online development projects  would be great ideas for next steps. Make a goal as the outcome to increase new business sales. Work to build a unique loyal following base, determine competitive strategy and learn the new business model how to leverage in social media.

Applications have to also be closely monitored regularly. Monitor on a daily basis will benefit with what developers want to incorporate. Many times, organizations run analytics development campaigns and end up losing focus as well not staying on top of the data. For developers, making sure data is fresh and in line with the users actively will reduce risk of negative campaigns that will go stale. It very important to leverage target engagements and run active active campaigns in a timely manner.

Earlier this year, Intel Corporation executives today outlined the company’s plan to deliver a steady cadence of new mobile hardware and software technologies and told the thousands of developers and industry leaders gathered at a forum that advances in Intel technology will help break down barriers around complexity, bringing new opportunities for innovation, collaboration and speed-to-market.

Android development of applications is perpetually evolving and changing. Not simply because technology continues to get better and enables new capabilities, but because the way people interact and the meanings of each process and action continues to be interpreted and reinterpreted by different peoples, different groups, and different regions, creating new opportunities and insights about how the mobile technologies can add value to their lives. Having the right development initiatives in place will not only help your organization financially, it will affect areas such as customer engagement, retention, sales, marketing and create other beneficial opportunities.

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