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The Scope Of Zoho CRM

Dec 23, 2013 10:49 AM EST


Zoho’s CRM App for Android is available at the Google Play store. Android users with versions 2.2 and higher can access the Zoho CRM for Android app. User have the ability to complete customer relationship life-cycle management software for managing Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and Inventory activities in a single system.

Google / Zoho

For those without a Zoho account, the site allows users to register at http://crm.zoho.com. Key App Features include: Access to Contacts, Accounts, Potentials, Leads, Tasks, Events, Cases, Vendors and Call Logs in CRM, View, Create, Edit and Delete records in all supported modules, Offline access to customer information when outside network coverage area, Adding/Modifying customer information offline will be auto-synced to the Web once network connection is available, Powerful search function helps searching for required information in both Client (offline) and Server (online) and Ability to Call contacts directly from within the app and log calls subsequently.

Marketing and Monitoring, analysis and response of customer conversations through tools is important to the CRM model. CRM is important to integration of social marketing into other campaign tactics like email marketing. Sales and understanding where prospects are discussing selection of products and services offered by you and competitors determine the best way to get involved in the conversation to influence sales and generate leads.

Without leads, there is no one to convert into sales. When it comes to lead generation, CRM is not your friend. The simple fact of it is that social media is where you build relationships with clients and prospects, not where you start them. If we begin a customer campaign with lead generation as the goal, we will be disappointed. To generate more leads we marketed a new email campaign to leverage and  increase the number of leads.

The more CRM prospects are exposed to your message the more likely they are to respond. Once we have a steady stream of new leads flowing into the company, the CRM will begin to see the social media campaign come to fruition. The best use is to use them to connect with our current clients and prospects.

Customer self-help through forums and neutral sites is also important. Using conversations to foster new product development or enhance online offerings is one of the most exciting forms of CRM for an organization. Fostering e-Business collaboration within an organisation through an intranet and other software tools encourages all forms of collaboration which support business process.

Customer experience today is highly important for organizations. The use of CRM to enhance  the customer experience and add value to a brand which is implied by many of the other aspects from this article gives the examples such as using VIP programmes offering collaboration between customers with shared characteristics to add value and create advocacy. The biggest step is when you decide it is right to listen and to respond to what you hear. It is important to see social media and CRM in the context of your other marketing activities.

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