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AT&T Announces Expanded 4G LTE Coverage

Dec 19, 2013 11:28 AM EST


The age of 4G LTE has been in full swing for a while now, but this has been an especially busy week by any standard. Sprint on Tuesday announced the roll out of its 4G network to 70 additional markets and today, AT&T said it had added 12 new markets to its LTE coverage map.

The carrier says it now offers 4G LTE in 488 markets. Among the new locations that were added today are Elmira, NY, Sikeston, MO and Kauai, HI.

“As wireless technology continues to become a critical facet of our daily lives in Sikeston, it is great to see companies like AT&T make these investments in our local Missouri communities,” said State Representative Holly Rehder in a press statement. “AT&T’s launch of its 4G LTE network in Sikeston is great because it enhances our prospects to grow the local economy as businesses look to locate in communities with the technology infrastructure to support their needs.”

While rival Sprint was able yesterday to announce its expansion into 70 new markets in one statement, AT&T’s PR machine apparently elected to go all-out today, issuing nine separate press releases to commemorate the new coverage.  

"The expansion of AT&T's wireless network coverage is great news for Elmira and Chemung County customers who depend on their wireless devices for conducting business, gathering information, and staying connected with family and friends,” said State Senator Tom O’Mara in a press statement. “We welcome and appreciate AT&T’s investment in Elmira. Reliable wireless coverage for residents and local businesses is vital to enhanced communication and to local economic competitiveness, growth and opportunity.”

AT&T says it has invested over $116 billion into its network over the past six years and $250 million in Missouri during the first half of 2013 alone. The carrier boasts its 4G LTE service is the “fastest and most reliable” in the U.S., though there’s probably more than a few throttled customers out there who’d disagree.

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