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Google Analytics SDK beta5

Dec 13, 2013 06:19 PM EST


Google’s Android application with the Google Analytics SDK beta5 or higher enables native Android app installs to advertising campaigns and marketing of Google Analytics app reports. With Google’s Android Analytics platform, users can measure across various devices and environments.


Data accuracy and the efficiency of data-driven marketing analytics has raised quite a number of recent concerns with organizations about some of the business insights and challenges presented within these areas. It is highly important to make sure that your organization has the most up-to-date information to deliver the best business insights. The right planning and growth strategy leverages big data with the expectations for overcoming implications, which may arise in democratization using data analytics.

Data-Driven Mobile Analytics Implications

Organizations are now tasked with making sure their marketing information remains relevant. Those analytics organizations that tend to be more advanced versus other non-analytics organization sectors can benefit from profit gains up to 6 percent higher than their competitors. By implementing accurate efficient models, innovation can develop from analyzing key areas such as customer experience and customer behavior. For enterprises, these models reach across millions of direct consumers through mobile channels, call centers, websites, retail locations and more.

The potential to detect triggers in internal problem areas is also there. Organizations must work hard to overcome any data-driven marketing analytics implications found in which their data can lead to new model implementations and customer profitability. It is obvious that these issues must be addressed in a timely manner. Data accuracy and efficiency of data analytics is prone to impact the present liabilities and policies in big data organizations.

The best strategic plans and investments toward advanced analytics, tools, models and data information will be on the cutting edge to thrive. With strong competition in the big data analytics market, it may only be a matter of time before the pressure for growth across the board could slow down without making sure the most relevant information is in place. Today, enterprise organizations do have the right tools available to help its marketing departments and businesses survive big data. Big data analytics can generate tremendous value. Harnessing big data analytics can be leveraged by understanding that use in data analytics tools is driven by efficiency and accuracy. In this manner, organizations have great potential to develop outstanding business insights for the future. For example, according to a recent report by McKinsey & Company, "Reducing US healthcare expenditure is expected by 8 percent. In developed economies of Europe, government could save more than €100 billion in efficiency improvements alone by using big data, not including using big data to reduce fraud and boost collection of tax revenues."

Driving Business Insights

Organizations should continue to improve evolving analytics growth returns of gathered information which can be centered around products, services and technologies. Data accuracy and efficiency of data-driven marketing analytics is often called out as a particularly daunting challenge as enterprises try to understand how customers interact across each of their channels. The key is to continue to improve and refine the analytics information to understand it better, and then use those analytics to create and nurture engaging, real-time dialogue with customers.

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