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Google's 12 Days Of Giving Encourages Holiday Charity

Dec 13, 2013 05:17 PM EST


Say what you want about Google, but it’s tough to argue the company doesn’t try to give back and make the world a more wired, if not better place. Remember Project Loon and Project Link? Google says it awarded $11.5 million in new grants this year through its Global Impact Awards initiative, which aims to support innovators trying to find solutions to a wide variety of problems through technology. 

“The holidays are here, and that means eggnog lattes, festive lights and spending time with the people you love. It’s also the season to give back and help make the world brighter for those in need. Today we’re unveiling six new Global Impact Awards — totaling $11.5 million in grants — to innovators using technology to tackle the world’s toughest challenges,” the company wrote in a Google Blog post.

Eggnog lattes are gross, but Google’s efforts are certainly noble. And while the search giant, whose credo is “don’t be evil,” is often far from the model corporate citizen it frames itself as, it could no doubt be a lot worse and do a lot less.

On Thursday, Mountain View announced its Twelve Days of Giving campaign, where users can learn about a new cause each day that’s backed by Google and donate some of their own cash if the spirit strikes them.

“This year, we’re inviting you to get in the giving groove with 12 Days of Giving — an interactive holiday calendar where you can explore a Google-backed cause, donate to what inspires you and unwrap a surprise each day — such as meeting Pamela the polar bear or experiencing how far people walk to reach clean water. To spread cheer throughout the year, download OneToday for a daily reminder to give back.”

We’re not sure yet who Pamela the polar bear is, but if she helps spur charitable giving during the holiday season, you can count us fans. Check out the Twelve Days of Giving site here and remember that every dollar helps.   

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