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Android Converts To Digital Frames

Dec 13, 2013 04:05 PM EST


There are certain types of digital signage that are available at dramatically lower cost. An innovative digital frames solution such as Dayframe can lead an organization to brand integrity, maintaining a consistent, unambiguous position in the market. Dayframe can also be the ideal personal tool for fun, providing a powerful photo frame. It is expected worldwide distribution of all digital photo frames will reach 50 million by 2013. Digital photo frames are used in digital merchandising campaigns for banks as a way to showcase services and products to customers.


Innovation has come a long way with digital frames for Android. There are digital signage solutions for Android smartphones and tablets. Social frames are also available for users that can add photos to the apps or device. The personalization has come a long way. There are even numerous apps available at Google Play Store.

Android users who are seeking the right solution for digital frames should look for customization features and social enhancements. There are companies that offer dedicated e-mail addresses for sending digital photos to the frame. Functionalities are also social with having integration with Twitter and Facebook posting. Features such as app syncing or tagging is available as well.

Corporate marketing teams can use digital photo signage to create effective customized messaging. This can be administered easily in real time. Digital Frames meet branding objectives by offering a value-add or call to action by providing branch-specific information that addresses specific needs. A secure web interface allows the user privacy to manage and update content. Several customized frames could include an organization’s consistent messages for branding which can be strategically positioned in different areas of the institution.

How digital photo frames are used:

Trade show booth Big E Frames Digital photo frames provide the consumer a way to view entire photo collections, announce partnerships, contests and more in real time. The technologies are wireless with only one cord.

Conference room slideshows Pre-loaded frames can save a lot of time displaying  key messages for the audience.

Lobby area slideshow of products and services Slideshows can display services and products, marquee employees, showcase company information, etc al. in a casual style manner.

Other uses can include: Personalized frames for the organization, auto on/off by time set, service adviser desk, Wi-Fi auto picture upload, VIP gift  for corporate clients, Cross-marketing for departments, Point-of-sale slides

Scheduling conference rooms could be executed by using a digital frame in every room that has the days agenda. Break rooms can have announcements attendees or employees. Training material including diagrams, charts, or short videos that only require a smaller screens are fantastic ideas of use for digital picture frames for the organization.

What are your thoughts? Be on the lookout for digital picture frames to play an increased role in the future.

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