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Samsung Battles For SMBs

Dec 13, 2013 03:30 PM EST

Intermedia released its 2013 Small + Medium Business Mobile Trends Report this week. The report showed that despite many studies showing Android’s overall lead in market share, six out of every eight mobile devices activated by our small-and medium-sized business (SMB) customers were from Apple. Android still dominates worldwide market share. The report also gave insight on mobile trends and how SMBs are expanding in the current market.


The report also found Samsung as second to Apple in SMBs mobile usage. In January 2012, Intermedia stated, “Samsung activations by Intermedia customers first eclipsed all other Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices in the battle for runner-up. Since then, Samsung has surged far ahead of all other vendors. In the first ten months of 2013, Samsung saw just over 29,000 activations—as compared to the #3, Motorola, which saw just over 13,800 activations.

Another key trend within Intermedia’s report found BYOD trends suggest that holiday gift giving would have a large impact on mobile device activations. There is strong demand today in BYOD, the virtual workplace environment. Developing and supporting a virtual workforce strategy would be smart as well benefit toward low retention. With technology today tools make it easy and convenient for most any generation to work remotely. Enterprise organizations understand the importances of today's virtual workplace by offering specialization in remote workers skills as well for training. Virtual work environments have benefited me greatly on a global scale.

The Tablet Market seems to get stronger day by day. A lot of changes and adjustments to the Tablet market showed us rapid market demand. As new models occur and predictions for its use in the consumer or work space, we should expect to see more from this market in years to come.

Intermedia’s report also stated, “ The SMB mobile market is still expanding Year-over-year totals show that mobile device activations are increasing in the aggregate. We don’t see evidence that Apple’s growth comes at the expense of Samsung, or vice-versa. This suggests that Apple, Samsung and the other vendors are together expanding the base of businesses that access their IT services using mobile devices.”

We as individuals will grow, new competitors will emerge, disrupting industries will outcome and creating new business models also will become. Android smartphone and tablet devices could easily surpass the traditional computer in the 21st century. Mobile creates a lot of new opportunities in various markets.

Mobile business has become a trend these days and it will be a big asset to any business. SMB's will benefit a lot out of it if they do target the right segment of the market so they can spread the word of their business via mobile. It will be expensive but reaching towards customers would be very much easier and for long term it will be a plus factor.

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