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Buying Mini Tablets

Dec 03, 2013 06:11 PM EST


There are now over hundreds of different mini tablets available today. Mini Tablets are set to dominate mobile mini PCs. These type of tablets will continue to evolve and introduce new innovations. The mobile PC market includes tablet PCs, netbooks and notebooks. Tablets offer convenience to users much similar to computers do.

Below is some useful advice when purchasing mini tablets today:


Operating System

Mini tablets are lighter and much smaller than standard tablets. A mini tablet operating system should have capabilities such as browsing the web, media, content creation, email functionalities and more. Considering the best operating system is important when investing in an Android device. Tablets can link to Bluetooth capability and use a keyboard. There are also tablets that use Wi-Fi that may only connect to hotspots. Also measuring the amount of storage needed is important. Users should know how much storage relates to how much media or data will be used.


There are some mini tablets that do not come with their own microSD card slot. If extra storage is important, there are mini micro SD card readers for mini tablets available. Look for popular mini tablets that may have a storage slot. There are also Micro Secure Digital (microSD) slot in addition to the built-in storage. If this is not the case, mini tablet users who are seeking out external cloud storage solutions should be aware of mobile device management and security.


Mini tablet data connectivity has come a long way. Today there are faster options to stream through 4G speeds. Users can also share data connection with multiple wi-fi users who are on devices. The right connections delivery speed and faster access to media and data.

Accessing the Internet from a mini tablet can be done via Wi-Fi in office or at home. It can also be accessed through mobile broadband. Broadband speeds connect in countries and may not span across all countries. Wi-Fi is the most cost effective option for connectivity.


Performance for mini tablets. Overall performance is impacted by the devices technical specifications, design and ease of use. Mini tablet touchscreen should be able to meet usability by being able to reach light swipes and taps via a stylus or fingertips. Portability is also an important factor. The technical specifications should include looking into the mini tablet’s power such as battery life, hard drive capabilities, wireless capabilities, processor type and memory.

Are mini-tablets poised to take on the PC market and how are companies doing in mini-tablet wars? Tablet PCs are expected to be a significant growth driver. Asian markets such as China have consumers demanding these type of tablets and upgradable devices. Mini Tablets are forecasted to ship and increase in revenues throughout 2014.

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