May 15, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Oil And Gas, Seismic Technology

Dec 02, 2013 12:07 PM EST

Oil prices are increasing significantly and the need for moderate prices to leverage new energy resources is critical. The industry has been exploring cost effective solutions through technologies for oil and gas. Oil explorations are now leveraging 3D seismic imaging technology to help minimize risks.

SeismicCity is a company which chose to run on GPU Computing with NVIDIA® CUDA™ on an NVIDIA® Tesla™ S870 1U server system. The architecture produces 20X performance increase over its previous CPU configuration. GPUs make the solution run faster. “Part of SeismicCity’s uniqueness is our algorithms,” says Claude Pignol, V.P. Technology at Seismic City. “Moving from one generation of code to the next can mean much higher accuracy images directly leading to more efficient exploration. NVIDIA’s Android GPU Computing technology has enabled us to move to the next-generation of our algorithms faster and more economically.”

CUDA 6 for Android features the platform, Unified Memory. The Unified Memory integrates managed memory which is shared between the CPU and GPU. Managed memory is accessible using a single pointer. The system automatically migrates data allocated in Unified Memory between host and device so that it looks like CPU memory to code running on the CPU, and like GPU memory to code running on the GPU. Unified memory simplifies performance.

IM&A solutions integrate common and disparate data sets to deliver the right information at the appropriate time to the correct decision-maker. These capabilities help companies act on large volumes of data, transforming decision-making from reactive to proactive and optimizing all phases of exploration, development, and production. IM&A solutions can benefit oil and gas firms by: reducing time to first oil, increasing the productivity of assets across their lifecycles, applying advanced business intelligence and embedded analytics, ensuring the right information is available to the workforce at the right time and improving planning and forecasting results.

The new HP Big Data Discovery Experience provides a scalable discovery environment where clients can explore different technologies derived from big data. "A Big Data solution is a significant investment of time and money for any organization, regardless of industry," said Markus Ruff, vice president, Information Management and Analytics.

New global exploration discoveries, deepwater opportunities and new technologies are also important today. U.S. production could be at its highest levels since 1992. Economic factors pertain to enabling energy companies to prepare for growth. Investing in their businesses and building human capital are growth opportunities.


As a result, there are potentially new oil fields being discovered. The benefits from the increased speed and accuracy of SeismicCity’s 3D depth imaging Android technologies have been efficient with results. NVIDIA simplifies this type of environment for Android developers with a single installer.

Fielding Systems is a company which offers a FieldVisor Tablet app. This is a native Android app to complement FieldVisor field data capture and operations management solution for Oil & Gas. The native Android app can run offline from anywhere in the world. Oil and Gas can benefit from real time monitoring solutions that are cost effective.

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