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Google Voice Search, "OK, Google Now"

Nov 27, 2013 02:52 PM EST


Google Voice, "OK, Google Now" officially meets Chrome. The voice activated search now integrates with Chrome and via a microphone. Android users can install a “hotword” extension which allows the browser to open Google’s homepage at Google.com. Users will then instruct"OK Google."

Google / Mr. Platts

The page will then direct to the"Speak now" page for voice search. The extension is still in beta version. Users can say ‘Ok Google’ and instantly begin speaking to search. There is a lot of convenience with integrating Google together with Chrome hands-free for mobile devices. Android users have the benefit of no more typing.

This extension allows you to say ‘Ok Google’ and start speaking your search:

1) Download the extension.

2) Click “agree” to give your permission to use your microphone.

3) Visit Google.com on Chrome and give it a try. Just say “Ok Google” and then ask your question.

*Google Chrome

The Google Voice app for Android available at Google Play allows users to use their Google number. The app features include: Send free text messages, Place calls and send text messages showing your Google number, Listen to voicemail and read transcripts. This application is currently only available in the US.

Google Android users will look forward to the expansion of Google Voice’s capabilities and voice search plugin features. Voice recognition delivers even better advantages in this area. With more growth, improvements and integration of biometrics into other devices it will allow further technological advancements to help improve other biometrics and expansion for more accuracy.

Voice recognition biometrics from a privacy perspective are great identifiers in which you can't reconstruct the voice signal. Peer-to-peer software, is good for the organization and the employee. Employees have control of sharing information at work with colleagues, staff and more. Working with the right biometrics software that has such features, privacy and ability to manage or limit information is valued.

Google Voice Installation for the Chrome browser is available for download directly at the website.

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