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Building An Enterprise Android App Store

Nov 27, 2013 01:59 PM EST


The era of mobile computing has significantly changed how we live and work. Enterprise apps for Android are ideal for work, travel, social networking and more. An Enterprise App Store (EAS) supports Android operating systems. Leveraging mobile platforms can benefit organization in business flexibility, business value and higher productivity.


There are basically two kinds of mobile apps for Android development: Generic and Custom apps. A Generic app could also be customized. Google is a standard operating system for Android. Custom applications provide business support. These apps adapt to the organizations requirements for its vendors.

An enterprise application store can offer key features such as better workplace experiences, version controls, access controls, smartphones and having a passage for a mobile Android application store. Customizing an EAS for smartphones makes it easier for organizations to access and download various tools and information.

EAS Development and Support:

Over-the-air (OTA) support for Android users is connected to installing applications. Updates are now available for Android users. EAS should be able to offer OTA support for users that choose to update.

Making sure the EAS can support operating systems such as Google for Android is important. Cross platform and browser support application should also be available for download at the Google Play Store.

MDM, also known as mobile device management should also be supported. This is where an employee may require multiple accounts for login to their devices. MDM can properly track these accounts for devices, users and apps.

The EAS development and support features should also include proper security, admin portal, alerts and process. The most successful organizations' CIOs will work closely with other C-level execs and department heads to map-out the ways in which technology can and will support the company's growth and business plans. Using that info, the CIO and his/her team can then develop their IT plan, including the timelines necessary to ensure their business doesn't lag behind competitors.

Defining the EAS process and best practices is a crucial element to developing the Enterprise App Store for Android. Mobile Ready in business serves as very useful tools for many organizations. With Android, the market anticipates more enterprise wide apps becoming available  as business becomes widespread. Mobile BI apps have still yet to mature but have business value. Android Smartphones, Tablets and Apps are powerful as corporate executives can stay up to date on corporate data for all departments and departments that may not be "too tech"

Mobile devices are transforming the workplace and our everyday lives. We as individuals will grow, new competitors will emerge, disrupting industries will outcome and creating new business models also will become. Smart devices could easily surpass the traditional computer in the 21st century. Mobile creates a lot of new opportunities in various markets. Developing the right Enterprise App Store for Android will enable better productivity for organizations.

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