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Thanksgiving With Bakery Story

Nov 27, 2013 01:58 PM EST


The Bakery Story for Android App features free updates for users. Android users can design their own dream bakery. The app includes options to choose from various decorations and new pastries. New content is released every single week. The app offers a lot of creativity and variety for users to customize their bakery experiences.

Thanksgiving Version for Bakery Story features “Feast of Dream” themes. Users can create Thanksgiving goals. The Fall version offers holiday themes and decorations. There are even fall treats available in the Android mobile app. Bakery Story Thanksgiving version also features includes tokens, an oven, goals, decorations and more.

Bakery Story

TeamLava by Storm8, is the #1 Mobile Social Game Developer on Android. Bakery Story App for Android requires version 2.2 and higher. The app is free to play and also has options to purchase in-app items. Users can also use social sharing through facebook and customize their own bakery menus. The interactive app is is social and sharable.

The Free to Play model continues to grow its share of the gaming market, and is expected to be 93 percent of app downloads in 2016. The modern loyalty and gamification measures require an update to address the digital lives of our customers and employees. Competition continues to move towards free to play and communal games and business models, with gamification currently attracting a good deal of early-stage investment.

Storm8 CEO Perry Tam attended GMIC 2013 in San Francisco in October. Storm8 was featured in the Global Game Stars track, where top executives the world’s leading games and apps companies discuss all-things mobile games. According to Storm 8’s blog, Perry’s advice to budding mobile game developers is to treat user acquisition similar to running a free-to-play business. Different partners have different users and offer very different values. What’s important is to track and test each one of them and double down on what works for you. Just because one strategy works for another company, it doesn’t mean it’ll work for your own games.

Storm8 is the leading developer of social games for iOS and Android with more than 400 million total downloads to date. Storm8 is also home to three innovative brands TeamLava, Shark Party and FireMocha. Under these brands, Storm8 has amassed a network of over 100 million devices worldwide and continues to create engaging mobile social games that span genres – from casual arcade to social casual and social casino, to MMORPGs.

Bakery Story Thanksgiving Version for Android is Available at Google Play.

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